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You Won’t Want To Miss This Completely Unique Valentine’s Day Gesture

Send your heartbeat on February 14th and your other half will just melt!

You Won’t Want To Miss This Completely Unique Valentine’s Day Gesture

If you're looking for a unique way to show some love this Valentine's Day and want to avoid cheesy romantic gestures, then Asda's brand new Extra Special 'Send Your Heart' app will blow your mind! 

This nifty gadget records your heartbeat and then sets it to a romantic song that you can send to your other half at the push of a button. If you're separated from your partner this Valentine's but want to show you care, we think this is a genius gesture that can live on long after the big day. And if you are spending February 14 together but want to avoid the old chocolate and flowers clichés then why not surprise them with a high-tech token of love instead?

So how does it work? We've tested the app for ourselves (you can download it for both Android and iPhone) and created an easy 5-point mini-guide to help you get started...

1. The start-up screen explains the premise by welcoming you to the app

2. Wondering how it works? The app asks you to place your index finger over your camera and flash on your phone and records your heartbeat through the tiny movements of your finger! Clever stuff.

3. Once recorded, you can listen to your heartbeat before the app matches it to a romantic song.

4. Enter both your name and your loved one's name. You then have the option to send a personalised message. Then simply select a way to share it (text or on social media) and hey presto! Cupid delivers your message.

5. Finally, your other half receives a unique link to let them listen to your song. The best thing? The animation actually pulses with your heartbeat - so they can really feel the love!

The app is available to download for free now. For Android phones, download the app here. For iPhones, download the app here.

Paddy McGuinness, host of popular dating show Take Me Out, tried out the app, and gave it his seal of approval! Paddy also shared his top dating tips to ensure your Valentine's date goes with a bang:


1 - Listen, listen and listen some more. It's always nice when somebody takes an interest in you.

2 - Feel free to flirt but nothing over the top. Guess what? Eating that asparagus in a seductive manner isn't seductive!

3 - Laugh at their jokes, no matter how bad they are.

4 - Compliments are always welcome.

5 - Always offer to pay the bill. If your date insists on paying then split it and realise you've got a good one here.


1 - Over do the aftershave or perfume. Your date want's to smell your scent not taste it!

2 - Don't talk about your ex, whether it's good or bad.

3 - Don't flirt with the waiter or waitress. Eye's on the prize please.

4 - Don't check your social media accounts. Put that phone away!

5 - Don't try too hard.   

Let us know what your loved one thought of their song using #goodliving and check out our Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for even more great Valentine's inspiration.