12 problems only new parents will understand

The struggle is real

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12 problems only new parents will understand

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Not only are there so many big worries and concerns for your child's wellbeing, but then there are a million daily struggles that new parents have to deal with as well. Luckily, many of these everyday challenges can be quite funny, which makes those sleepless nights and all that mess so much easier to handle. From the hilarious effects of letting your baby play with your phone to the sudden desperate desire for your mother-in-law to visit, every new parent can relate to these baby jokes and daily struggles. Go on, have a read and a chuckle - you deserve it! Here are 12 funny problems that only parents of newborns will understand. 

Shopping for clothes used to be fun... until you had to do it every two weeks. Little ones grow at lightning fast speed, which means that adorable onesie you bought last week probably won't fit your baby the next! 

Spending a surprising amount of time discussing your little one's bowel movements. Pre-baby you would never believe that you could spend an entire dinner with your partner discussing what you've seen in your baby's diaper today. 

You and your partner no longer refer to each other by name. Forget the usual 'sweetheart', 'darling,' or even 'John,' - you're so used to speaking baby talk that you've even started calling each other 'mummy' and 'daddy' in front of other adults. 

Suddenly everything on TV makes you cry. Especially when it's about children, but anything could set you off really – even a loo roll advert isn't off limits. 

Spending hours watching your little darling sleeping. You know that every parent thinks this, but your baby really IS the cutest baby in the world. 

You really have to use the bathroom but you're trapped underneath a sleeping baby. Getting your newborn to fall asleep can feel like a major accomplishment so there's no way you want to wake your tiny tot up, even if you're desperate for the loo or have a million other things to do!

Begging your mother-in-law to come visit. Anything for a few hours of precious sleep!

Letting your toddler play with your phone is a mistake. Before you know it, all your photos will be deleted, you'll have downloaded 30 new apps and accidentally phoned your boss - six times. Oops. 

Sneaking into your newborn's room 20 times an hour to check that she's still breathing. Don't worry, eventually it will just turn into five times an hour. 

Date nights aren't quite the same. 'Great, your mum is watching the baby! What should we do, see a film or go out to dinner? Then again, a nap would be nice...'

Filling up a 4GB memory card with photos of your newborn's first five days. You can never have too many pictures of your precious little angel doing, well, doing absolutely nothing, but there's just no way you can delete them! 

Convincing yourself that every noise out of your baby's mouth is actually their first word. 'Bmblr? She's saying bumblebee! It's official, my child is a genius.'

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