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Back to school craft ideas for the coolest stationery ever

Who doesn't love a homemade book cover?

Back to school craft ideas for the coolest stationery ever

We remember the back to school blues well. But if your kids are starting to dread the looming end of the summer holidays, we’ve found some great ways to fill their time while preparing them for the year ahead in style. 

Rather than forking out for shiny new stationery that looks just like everybody else’s, you can help them make their own using bits and bobs you’ve probably already got at home. Their unique back to school supplies will be the envy of all their friends – plus there’s no chance they’ll accidentally go home with someone else’s pencil case.

Chop up old jeans for a quirky book cover

Got some long outgrown jeans or denim shorts lying around? Well, don’t bin them just yet – instead, jazz up a drab notebook or textbook by wrapping it in denim using fabric glue or a staple gun. The really clever bit is that the pocket is the perfect place to stash pens and pencils (or they could use it to secretly pass notes to their mates – but you didn’t hear that from us!).

Give boring pencils a lick of paint

It’s hard to get excited about a plain old brown pencil, but it’s easy to make them look more stylish and fun. Just use tape to divide it into sections, and then carefully paint them. A simple colour block design looks cool and contemporary, but you could also try using tiny stencils to print them with hearts and stars if that’s what your kids are into.

Finally, a use for all those lolly sticks!

If the kids have spent all summer scoffing ice lollies – and, alright, maybe you might have helped them out a little bit too – we hope you’ve been saving those sticks for a rainy day as we’ve found the perfect use for them: simply glue them to a plain notebook and paint with the design of your choice. Voilà, a unique piece of stationery and no more guilt about all those naughty Magnums….

Conquer the pencil topper

As well as helping to ward off spiders (it really works!), horse chestnuts make awesome pencil toppers. You’ll need to cut the hole with strong kitchen scissors (or even try a corkscrew) but once that’s sorted the kids can go crazy with googly eyes and feathers.

A pencil case good enough to eat

If you’ve got an old canvas pouch or purse lying around, it’s the perfect pencil case in waiting. With a bit of tape, some fabric paint and lots of imagination, you can turn it into a bright, fun and perfectly functional place to stash all those pens and pencils. After all, gone are the days of scrawling the names of boy band crushes onto your pencil case in Tippex – today’s schoolkids have more sophisticated tastes. In fact, you might even want to steal this one for yourself.

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