Young kids eating hot dogs outside

18 kid approved ways to shake up your next BBQ

Perfect ideas for the bank holiday weekend

18 kid approved ways to shake up your next BBQ

Savour the last few days of summer and the August bank holiday weekend with a brilliant BBQ feast. There's nothing like enjoying a cool cocktail and some sizzling dishes outside with friends and family. But make sure you keep little ones happy as well with some tasty barbecue recipes and fun activities. After all, it's their last chance to enjoy those lazy summer days before school starts! 

From a sneaky way to get little ones to eat more fruit to an easy outdoor game that will entertain children of all ages, discover how to throw a BBQ party that the whole family can enjoy this weekend. We've even got easy barbecue recipes that kids can help make themselves. Who knows? Maybe even your teenager will have fun! Discover 21 kid-approved BBQ tips for this weekend below... 

Create a toppings table

The best part about eating outside is that you don't have to worry (too much) about any mess! Let kids get creative with their own toppings table for dinner with plenty of options for burgers and hot dogs, from classic ketchup and mustard to chunky burger sauce and different cheeses. Then, keep the party going for dessert with a super sundae table full of chocolate sauce, pretty sprinkles and fresh fruit. 

Cool down in style

It's important that little ones stay hydrated so make drinking water a lot more fun with these pretty ice cubes that double as a serving of fruit! To make, just freeze some berries and water in an ice cube tray and place in glasses when frozen. 

Make a pizza 

It's easy to get kids to eat their greens with this courgette pizza bianco recipe! Let little ones help roll out the dough and then top their own pizzas for a fresh and cheesy (and veggie-packed) dish.  

Unleash their inner artist

While adults are mingling in the garden, let the kids get creative by moving a big chalkboard outside and letting them draw and play games on it. Alternatively, use the chalk to play games on the pavement (just as long as any neighbours don't mind) – the evidence will wash away the next time it rains. 

Create a themed party

Kids will be more likely to use their napkins if they feature some of their favourite characters! Alright, so they may still get ketchup all over their face but they'll love seeing Paw Patrol, the Avengers and many more of their animated friends on their dinnerware. 

Smoothie ice lollies

Let little ones cool off in the heat with these fruity ice lollies full of real fruit. They almost look too good to eat! 

Salmon skewer tacos

Getting children to eat fish isn't always easy but these delicious salmon skewers wrapped up in tacos are sure to go down a treat. Wrap with avocado slices, fresh salsa, gem lettuce and coriander and adjust the spices according to taste. 

Party games

The egg-and-spoon-race is a firm classic but can get a little messy if somebody takes a tumble! Try this updated version instead that uses water balloons – no one will mind getting a little wet in the summer heat!

Sweet potato, corn and polenta burgers with red cabbage slaw

When you've got a lot of friends coming round, it's useful to have some food for kids and adults that's aready pre-made and just needs to be finished off on the grill. These tasty veggie burgers are just the thing! 

Brilliant bubbles

It's a classic for a reason – all you need is some bubble solution and you're off! Just make sure that children are old enough to blow the bubbles. 

Mac 'N' Cheese Salad

Give a family favourite a summer makeover with this colourful and flavour-packed mac 'n' cheese salad that kids and adults alike will love. 

Keep active kids busy with a game of Simon Says

Looking for more activities for kids? Here are more outdoor games that kids of all ages will love!

Stuffed baby peppers

Looking for fuss-free barbecue recipes? These tasty veggie bites are filled with soft cheese and make the perfect snack or side dish. 

Strawberry kebabs

Grilled marshmallows, chocolate, cream and strawberries – what's not to love? Get the recipe here

Outdoor memory game

Using paper plates is a great way to save on dishes if you're having lots of people round - make sure to save a few extra plates for this fun game of outdoor memory!

Chocolate banana parcels

Kids will love making these chocolate banana treats, that can easily be filled with whatever goodies you have lying around the house. 

Dress up time

Give children a box full of dress up costumes and task them with creating a play by the time the burgers are ready! 

Chicken & Sweetcorn Kebabs

Combining two things that children love – colourful foods and eating with their hands – these chicken and sweetcorn kebabs are sure to be a BBQ hit. 

Looking for more barbecue recipes and tips? Check out our ultimate BBQ and wine pairing guide plus clever tips for throwing the best barbecue party ever. And don't forget to pick up all your BBQ supplies from Asda.