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Your Bank Holiday Bingefest sorted: The Best Boxsets to Watch Next Weekend

It's time to set your sights on the TV and no higher!

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Your Bank Holiday Bingefest sorted: The Best Boxsets to Watch Next Weekend

Seeing friends, getting fresh air and socialising are so overrated. Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax and watch some quality TV with the best box sets. But with all the great shows out there, where do you start?

We've pulled together our pick of the best box sets so you don't have to. Just grab the remote and reach for the popcorn. Enjoy!


With season six on Sky Atlantic now, this is the perfect time to jump on board the Westeros train, whether you just want a refresh or haven't seen a single episode (where have you been?!). Five seasons might seem like a lot to get through, but every moment of it is quality TV at its finest, so you won't mind.

For the uninitiated, Game of Thrones follows the fight between clans for the mythical kingdom of Westeros. Expect epic battles, all your favourite characters to die horribly, and plenty of underhand politics. Oh – and dragons!

How long: Five seasons of 10 hour long episodes means you’ll have to set 50 hours aside to get through this good 'un.

Where: Game of Thrones Season 1-5 boxset is available from Asda, or you can buy each season separately too.


One of the most anticipated BBC shows of the year, if you haven’t managed to catch The Night Manager yet make it your duty to this bank holiday. Apart from the stellar British cast of Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman, this is spy work and intrigue at its finest – and with a performance that has marked Tom Hiddleston out as the main contender for Bond, you can't afford to miss him (and his bum!).

How long: Not too long at six episodes of one hour each. When you're done you can watch House also starring Hugh Laurie, available on Netflix.

Where: You can purchase The Night Manager box set from Asda.


Happy Valley is to the Bill as Breaking Bad is to Malcolm in the Middle. Sarah Lancashire stars as police sergeant Catherine Cawood who solves crimes in a rural West Yorkshire valley, but becomes a suspect along the way, while tackling some serious personal issues. You won’t be watching long before you are addicted.

How long: 12 episodes at one hour a pop means 12 hours total – a solid day's viewing in other words!

Where: The Happy Valley Season 1 + 2 box set is available at Asda online and in selected stores.


Inspired by the new calibre of great TV shows around now, Cillian Murphy took a break from films to get to grips with slick and smart gangster Thomas Shelby. The leader of the infamous Peaky Blinders gang in Birmingham in the 1920s, Cillian's turn as Shelby was such a cult success that it's back for its third season and is showing on the BBC right now. Taking place during the aftermath of World War I you can expect tension, peril and unflinching violence. Plus it features Cillian Murphy AND Tom Hardy. Enough said.

How long: Put a full day aside for this beauty, as there are 12 x one hour episodes to get through.

Where: You can catch the first two series on Netflix.


Funny, inspired, outrageous and raunchy: these are just some of the words used to describe the fantastic show that is Orange Is the New Black. Following the story of Piper Chapman, a middle-class New Yorker who ends up in a tough women’s prison for a crime she committed in her youth, the show makes use of flashbacks to explore the previous lives of her fellow inmates, often hitting home with a hard message. With a fourth season due on Netflix in June, this is the perfect time to refresh your memory of the character's colourful lives.

How long: Episode lengths vary from roughly 50 to 90 minutes, but you’re looking at a big commitment: the running total at 39.

Where: Netflix.


Even if you haven’t watched this show in a while, you’re guaranteed to be familiar with its iconic theme tune and charismatic leading duo – and why shouldn't you be, as this is the original show that kicked off modern television as we know it! If you aren’t up to speed, there was a brand new season of the X-Files earlier this year after a 10-year hiatus and what better way to catch up than by following the lives of detectives Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they tackle out of this world crimes from the very beginning. Cue the cult theme tune being stuck in your head forevermore.

How long: With 208 episodes at 44 minutes each, you’ll need commitment (and slightly more than one long weekend) to finish this box set.


If you haven't watched Outlander yet you're sorely missing out. Probably one of the most unusual TV hits to come out of Amazon Prime, Outlander follows the story of married nurse Claire who, on her second honeymoon post WW2, accidentally travels back in time from the 1940s to 1743 and meets hunky Scottish highlander Jamie Fraser. Expect high drama, romance, fantasy, impressive Scottish scenery and a fair amount of exposed flesh. Ooh er.

How long: 18 one hour episodes mean you'll have to spread this one out over a couple of days.


It’s not all serious business – sometimes you just want to forget your woes on a long weekend. You can do just that with ever optimistic and slightly dappy Kimmy Schmidt. Having spent the last 15 years living underground as part of an apocalypse cult, Kimmy is making use of her newfound freedom by getting up to all sorts of trouble in New York City. Written by the hilarious Tina Fey, this show is guaranteed to make you smile.

How long: Two seasons of 26 episodes at 28 minutes long = under 13 hours. You’re welcome.

Where: Netflix has both seasons, with season two hot off the press!


Thirteen is BBC Three's first drama since moving online, so this is historical TV in the making. The serious version of Kimmy Schmidt, this five-part thriller follows the story of Ivy Moxam, a 26-year-old woman who has just escaped from the cellar she's called home for the last 13 years, having been abducted at the age of 13. Adjusting to normal life and piecing back together the family her disappearance tore apart is no easy task and as you start to find out more about the crime, you begin to wonder about Ivy's version of the truth... In one word: compelling.

How long: Five episodes at 60 minutes each equals a pleasantly (or rather more nerve-wrackingly) spent five hours.

Where: All episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer.

10. Catastrophe

One of the funniest comedies to come out of the UK in the last few years, if you haven’t (or even if you have) seen this show, you need to watch it now. Written by comedians Sharon Horan (who’s about to blow up in the States with her new show starring Sarah Jessica Parker) and Rob Delaney, this show isn’t afraid to be brutally realistic and hilariously funny all at once. When two strangers in their 40s from opposite sides of the world have a one week stand and fall pregnant, they make the rash decision to get married. Obviously, hilarity ensues.

How long: With 12 episodes at roughly half an hour each, you'll be gagging for more.

Where: All episodes are available on All 4.

11. David Attenborough shows

Did you know that David Attenborough turned 90 years old on 4th May? 90 years old and still making some of the best documentaries in the world! Now there’s never been a better excuse to revisit all his classic documentaries. From Life on Earth to Frozen Planet... let his charismatic voice lead you through the magic of planet Earth all over again!

How long: Varies on how many you want to watch – go wild.

Where: There’s a great selection of David Attenborough documentaries on Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

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