The BFG and Sophie with magical tree

See More of The BFG in the film’s brand new trailer

Things can only get BIGger

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See More of The BFG in the film’s brand new trailer

When we bought you the first full length BFG trailer for the Steven Spielberg adaption of Roald Dahl's famous book back in April, we couldn't believe how jaw-dropping and, well, gloriously BIG the film looked. From the rolling green fields of Giant Country to the Big Friendly Giant's dream catching methods, we couldn't wait to get another glimpse of Roald Dahl's famous bedtime story come to life. 

Well wait no longer. While the BFG made its big Cannes Film Festival premiere this week, luckily for us the team behind one of the most-anticipated films of the year also released yet another trailer to whet our appetites:

Filling in the gaps left by the first trailer, we get to see more of Sophie’s scary first meeting with the BFG and get up close and personal with some of the not-so-friendly giants in Giant Country who are planning an attack on England.

Three things we learned from the new trailer:

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Sophie is scared when she catches her first glimpse of the BFG, asking, "What kind of a monster are you?” While the BFG proclaims, "Bone-cruncher. Child-chewer. Meat-dripper. Gizzard-gulper. Butcher-boy," he puts all fears to rest when he says that just because he looks like a human-muncher, doesn’t mean he is. Instead, he invites Sophie to call him 'the Big Friendly Giant'.

2. No-matter what size you are, anyone can be scared

The trailer soon shows us that humans aren’t the only ones to suffer from bullies. While the bad giants are shown throwing and pushing around the BFG because he’s smaller than them and doesn’t do things like them, it’s his bravery in overcoming his fear and protecting Sophie that makes him a winner.

3. Dreams are like fireflies

The best thing about this trailer is that we finally get to see how the BFG actually catches dreams! Bottling them up like fireflies, he explains to Sophie that he’s found her a dream of her very own. So not only are dreams beautiful creatures that fly through the night sky glowing like fireflies, but they can also be caught in jars and used as nightlights. 

Can't wait to follow The BFG and Sophie into the clouds of adventure? The BFG will be coming to cinemas across the UK from 22nd July and you can book tickets from 23rd May. In the meantime, why not have a go at making your own Roald Dahl Revolting Recipes, from the BFG’s Snozzcumbers to yummy Frobscottle and head over to Asda online or in-store to pick up all your favourite children's movies.