5 of the trendiest themes for your child’s birthday party

From unicorns to fairy princesses and superheroes - make their birthday go off with a bang!

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5 of the trendiest themes for your child’s birthday party

Coming up with amazing birthday party ideas for your children can be a tricky business. But never fear, because there are a few classic and timeless themes that will always go down well with groups of little ones.

From pretty pink cakes topped with a tiara, which will help your little princess celebrate her special birthday in style, to a football frenzy complete with bunting, whistles, and mini balls  - make sure this year's birthday party tops their last with our range of birthday cakes, decorations and games.

your little princess

Princesses, the colour pink and all things glittery are so hot right now, so try taking on a princess theme for their birthday. Dip some blown up balloons into PVA glue and then cover them in glitter, use a biscuit cutter to create your own crown-shaped sandwiches and make this scrumptious cake (pictured below) the star of the spread. 

It comes with a jam and frosting-filled sponge covered in soft icing, complete with your very own sparkling tiara. Another party item fit for a princess is this super-sparkly banner, which says 'Birthday Princess' and will help to announce a right royal celebration for HRH, the birthday girl. You'll also need serving platters like these rather royal plates and some Disney princess-inspired serviettes, perfect for wiping away those unavoidable crumbs. 

GAME IDEA: Play musical statues to the best soundtracks from your favourite Disney movies. From 'Let it go' to 'You've got a friend in me', they'll love dancing around the garden to these amazing tunes.

footie fans

Is there a football lover in your family? If so, bring out their inner Messi and fill your house with lots of football fun to help celebrate their big day. Along with setting up a pop-up goal, which will help them get their target practice in, you'll also need to nail the decoration. 

From cutting into this football cake, marvelling at this soccer bunting or digging into these footie stationery must-haves, they're sure to have a ball! Help complete your footie frenzy with some mini footballs, a whistle and to help clean up the mess invest in these napkins

GAME IDEA: Set up a goal in the garden and create two teams to compete in a penalty shoot-out. The winning team can each be awarded a whistle! 

Magical unicorns

Since the start of 2016 the world has been going crazy for unicorns and the love for the trend isn't slowing down. From unicorn toast, unicorn cake and unicorn hot chocolate the kids will love this colourful and magical theme. 

To help bring a little bit more unicorn into your home you could invest in these rather cool illuminating unicorn head balloons, which actually light up, these unicorn printed plates, cups and serviettes, and this colourful unicorn bunting

GAME IDEA: Print off a picture of a unicorn and get the kids to pin the horn on the unicorn. Blindfolded, of course.


Comic book characters

Be an absolute hero of a parent and throw them a superhero-themed party! You can invite guests to dress up as their favourite characters from Superman, to Wonder Woman and The Hulk. Check out our whole range of superhero outfits online at George. Send out these super invites, and for tea time you can choose from our range of hero-themed plates and cups

GAME IDEA: Play Kryptonite pass-the-parcel. Wrap up each layer in green wrapping paper, and fill each layer with something from the Heroes party bag!

fabulous fairies

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a little girl who had the most magical of birthday parties of them all. Filled with balloons, an enchanted woodland setting (seen in the picture below), and lots of metallic confetti

And such a birthday party can really exist with a little bit of time and imagination. To help you on your way, why not grab these magical fairy plates, some rather pretty bunting and these pink napkins to mop up any spillages! And,because we all love a party bag, fill this fairy one with bubbles, a spellbinding jar of glitter and some treats like these star-shaped glasses and necklaces for your treasures

GAME IDEA: Set up a face paint station with plenty of glitter and bright colours. They'll love choosing what to put on their face before taking lots of pictures.

Feeling inspired to host your little one's party? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store