5 of the trendiest themes for your child’s birthday party

Help your little one throw a perfectly themed birthday that will be the talk of the playground

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5 of the trendiest themes for your child’s birthday party

Coming up with amazing birthday party ideas for your children can be a tricky business. But never fear, because there are a few classic and timeless themes that will always go down well with groups of little ones.

From outer space and princess cakes to dressing up as their favourite film characters, check out our top kids' birthday party themes below, with tips and tricks on how to make their party extra special.

magical Unicorns

It's been a major trend for all of 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down. Kids and grownups alike are loving multi-coloured, glittery unicorn magic right now - and who can blame them?

Classic party games only need a slight tweak with this theme - who doesn't love a spot of pin the tail on the donkey? Turn that tail into a glittery unicorn horn and you're onto a mythical-themed winner.

If the September weather isn't being as kind as you hoped, grab yourself a couple of unicorn biscuit kits for a fun-filled indoor plan. Make and bake the treats then let every guest decorate their own, which they can take home in these unicorn gift bags filled with other treats - like our foam gummies. Perfect!

Make unicorn horn party hats out of squares of shiny holographic wrapping paper and secure with loose loops of elastic thread for the kids to hook over their heads just like normal party hats. We've also got a range of table covers, paper plates, napkins and bunting all with a unicorn theme for you to deck out the house and garden - and the pièce de resistance, our famous unicorn celebration cake!

Intergalactic celebrations

Is your little explorer after a birthday party that's truly out of this world? Why not throw them an intergalactic birthday bash they'll never forget!

Outer space is a super cool birthday theme for every age, and you can ramp it up (think bin-liners on the walls covered in glow-in-the-dark stars and balloons) or tone it down (neon face paint stars and cosmo-themed mocktails) depending on the scale and age group.

Your birthday boy or girl will love jumping into this astronaut costume for the party so everyone knows who the real shooting star of the bunch is.

Take your party food spread to a higher plane with this mirror glaze galaxy cake and these planet cake pops decorated with white chocolate stars and glitter spray to give them the appearance of outer space.

princess party

Give your birthday princess the ultimate royal treatment this year. Dip some blown up balloons into PVA glue and then cover them in glitter or sequins, and use a biscuit cutter to create your own crown, butterfly, heart and star-shaped sandwiches fit for royalty. This pretty-in-pink celebration cake, complete with sparkling tiara, (pictured below) will make perfectly regal centrepiece to the spread. 

Don't forget to pick up this super-sparkly 'Birthday Princess' banner to help announce the birthday girl's entrance. After you've served the cake onto these Disney-themed plates and serviettes and the birthday princess has donned her tiara, get your guests involved too with this tiara and knight's helmet facepaining kit, perfect for painting tiaras on the guests.

GAME IDEA: Play musical statues to the best soundtracks from your favourite Disney movies. From 'Let it go' to 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boo', they'll love dancing around the garden and pretending they're Elsa or Cinderella.

footie fans

The football season's started up again and footie fever's running high. Get into the spirit of things with a footie-themed party where everyone can get involved with the action.

In terms of costumes, encourage everyone to dress up in their own football kit or as their favourite player. Got some non-footie fans in the mix? No stress - a t-shirt, trainers and a pair of shorts will do nicely! We've got plenty of football-themed party gear for you to load up on ahead of the celebrations, from this tremendous football cake to these party-bag-friendly mini footballs and this fantastic piñata.

GAME IDEA: Set up a goal in the garden and create two teams to compete in a penalty shoot-out. The winning team can each be awarded a golden medal!

Despicable me

Who doesn't love Gru and his minions? The perfect birthday party theme for kids, get everyone to dress up as minions (think yellow t-shirts, denim jeans or dungarees, goggles and a yellow beanie) or Gru's three girls. And don't forget - as a grown-up, you're contracted to dress up too! Yellow face-paint works wonders and will get the kids giggling, or have a go at dressing up as bad-boy-turned-good Gru.

We've got Despicable Me-themed party plates, napkins and cups, party bag treats and cupcake kits for you to deck out your kid's celebration minion-style. Finish the party with a round of "happy birthday to you" with one of these awesome Despicable Me-themed cakes - singing in minion-language gobbledegook optional!

Feeling inspired to host your little one's party? We've got plenty of party supplies for every theme and occasion, from superheroes and Star Wars to tropical paradise. Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store