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The most hilarious moments from Bridget Jones so far

Who could forget those laugh-out-loud fight scenes?

The most hilarious moments from Bridget Jones so far

The Bridge we all know and love is finally back! And it looks like she's involved in all the usual love triangles, embarrassing situations and hilarious moments that we've come to expect from our favourite singleton. The highly-anticipated film, Bridget Jones's Baby, hits theatres on 16th September (get the wine ready!) and we can't wait to find out what Bridget has been up to – and who is the father of her baby! Watch the trailer for the new film here.

In the meantime, relive some of your favourite Bridget Jones moments below. From the disastrous costume party that wasn't to the funniest fight scenes of all time, you'll be laughing out loud re-watching these hilarious clips. And who could forget about Bridget's cringe-worthy attempts to win the lawyer party quiz? Oh dear, Bridge – you really do know how to get yourself into the most embarrassing situations. But that's alright, we still love you Bridget – just as you are... 

1. All by herself

Quite possibly one of the best opening film scenes ever, can't we all relate to having a few too many glasses of wine and singing along (badly) to Celine Dion?

2. What was the name of Madonna’s first UK single? 


Poor Bridget - after taking part in probably the dullest party quiz of all time, she finally gets asked a question that she might know the answer to! Except that she doesn’t quite get it right…

3. Those hilarious fight scenes

We can't get enough of the silliest, lamest and – let's face it – probably the most realistic fight scenes to ever grace the big screen between Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). Their hilarious tussle in the first Bridget Jones film was so good that they just had to do it again in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Here's hoping we see another one in the new film!

4. Talking nonsense to strangers

Even though Mr. Darcy is unforgiveable rude when they first meet, Bridget's attempts at normal conversation are admittedly fairly poor.  V. bad in fact. 

5. Showing up to a party in costume... when it isn't a costume party

And not just any costume! Who didn't cringe (and laugh hysterically) when poor Bridget showed up in a skimpy bunny girl outfit to what she thought was a 'vicars and tarts' party, but which definitely wasn't. 

6. Bridget’s ski trip

It turns out that lying about being an expert skier probably isn’t such a good idea… Oh, Bridget! 

7. Bridget's mini break

Exactly like Grace Kelly - perhaps just ever so slightly less elegant. 

8. The ruined proposal

Poor Mark! Just when he’s found the perfect moment to propose, Bridget goes ahead and spoils it all. Until she saves it, that is! 

9. The worst dinner party ever

The only thing worse than a smug married couple? Lots of smug married couples. Good thing Bridget knows how to handle all those irritating questions about her love life (or lack thereof). 

10. Bridget's stint in a Thai prison

When Bridget suddenly finds herself spending time in a Thai prison, she decides to make herself useful by teaching her fellow inmates how to properly sing to Madonna. Because Madonna is nothing if not a perfectionist, after all.

We can't wait to see Bridget Jones's Baby, out on 16th September. Until then, stay entertained with more rom-coms from Asda's DVD collection.