Kids lying in a camping tent

10 Cool Camping Games For Kids

No technology required!

10 Cool Camping Games For Kids

One of the highlights of a camping holiday is getting away from it all. A weekend spent in the Great Outdoors is a chance to leave the stresses of daily life behind and embrace nature in all its peaceful serenity. Often, that means leaving technology behind and unplugging for a few days! Which can make keeping little ones entertained pretty challenging. But there's no need to panic – we've got nine amazing camping games that the kids will love. 

From making a scavenger hunt to telling stories around the campfire, there's no need to resort to whipping out your smartphone device with these entertaining camping games for the whole family. Let little ones enjoy play without technology, plus give them a chance to connect to their surroundings – and each other. Discover nine amazing and tech-free camping games below...

1. Camping Olympics

Get little ones moving by creating an entire athletic stadium around your camping site. If there's water nearby, create a swimming competition and use the sandy beach for long jump or throw sticks in the water for the javelin event. Use an open space for relay races and gymnastics. Make sure non-athletic types can get in on the action too with games like hula hooping and skimming stones. The losing team has to grill marshmallows for the winning team! 

2. Group storytelling

Gather round the campfire (toasted marshmallows or grilled chocolate banana parcels optional) and let one person begin the story with one sentence to set the scene. The person sitting next to them then continues the story by adding another sentence, and so on.

3. Get crafty

Bring out your child's inner artist by challenging them to draw what they see. Bring a few markers, scissors and glue with you so that they can use objects they find around the campsite like flowers, leaves and shells to create beautiful art pieces. 

4. Scavenger hunt

Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? Make a list of items little ones have to collect, like rocks in certain colours, pine cones, sea shells, seeds, particular flowers and more. Just make sure you keep the scavenger hunt in a contained area or that every child is accompanied by an adult or sibling. 

5. Sing-a-long

Don't worry if no one is particularly musically gifted in the family – camping sing-a-longs are all about having fun! Sing songs that the little ones know, or teach them new ones and use pots and pans as instruments!

6. Duck-Duck-Goose

Get the whole family involved in this classic game. Everyone sits in a circle as one person walks around the outside of the group, tapping heads while saying 'duck... duck... duck...' until they decide to tap the 'goose' who then has to jump up and chase the player around the circle. The player has to try to outrun the goose and make it back to the vacated spot without being tagged, or else has to keep going around the circle. 

7. Board games

Bring a deck of cards or some board games with you from home. Forgot to bring them with you? Find nine medium-sized rocks and use a marker to write noughts and crosses on them – you've got a DIY game right there! 

8. Ball games

A simple ball can provide hours of fun! Play football, rugby or simply toss it around. Or why not gather any empty bottles, arrange them in a triangle and create a mini bowling alley? Or teach younger kids about working together by placing a ball between their hips and seeing how far they can walk without dropping the ball. 

9. Simon Says

It's a classic game that never goes out of style! One person is Simon, while the other children or family members are the players. Standing in front of the group, Simon tells the players what they must do. However, the players must only obey commands that begin with 'Simon Says.' So if Simon simply says, 'clap!' without first saying 'Simon says', then the players should not clap and those who do are out. Whoever stays in the game the longest gets to be the next Simon.

10. Jumbo bowling

What kid won't love it when Mum and Dad unpack giant, inflatable bowling pins? Find a space and set this game up near the tent – other children might even be encouraged to join in as well and friends for life will be made along the way! Available online and in-store from George at Asda.

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