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10 Genius Camping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Tips and tricks for a stress-free outing this Bank Holiday

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10 Genius Camping Hacks Everyone Should Know

There's nothing like getting out of the city and spending some quality time with Mother Nature. All that fresh air, gathering around the fire and sleeping under a canopy of stars – why wouldn't you want to go camping this summer? Because unless you're properly prepared, a camping trip can quickly turn sour. Like when you run out of clean toilet paper or get inundated with mozzies! So whether you're planning a trip with the family or a getaway with a couple of friends, you'll want to make sure that you're equipped with all the camping tips you need for a stress-free holiday this summer. 

The great thing is that with a few clever camping tips, you can have the holiday of a lifetime – with relatively low cost and effort. Once you're packed and ready, all you have to do is head out into the great outdoors and enjoy. You're guaranteed to come back feeling refreshed and relaxed! So to make sure your trip goes smoothly, check out these ten savvy camping hacks. From an easy DIY lantern to a natural bug repellent, these are the camping tips you'll want to bookmark for your trip.

1. Bring a shoe organiser

A shoe organiser is the perfect storage solution for keeping cooking utensils and bathroom products off the ground and organised. Simply hang up from your tent or from a sturdy branch. 

2. Can't imagine a weekend away without coffee? Bring some with you!

You can purchase serving size coffee granules or simply place a scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and tie it up with dental floss. Then when you’re ready for a steaming cup of Joe, just use like you would make tea in a teabag!

3. Pack a survival kit

Even if you're only going to your local campsite and you'll have mobile reception the whole weekend, make sure to pack a survival kit for any unforseen situations that may come up. Include sun cream, soap, hand sanitiser, a flashlight, tissues, plasters, pain reliever and anything else that you think might come in handy. 

4. Keep drinks cool

Packing a bag full of ice with you isn't exactly easy. Instead, place a few big bottles of water in the freezer before your trip and then you can enjoy cool drinks while you travel. 

5. Keep bugs away with sage

Tie a bundle of sage together to keep mozzies away. 

6. Going hiking? Bring tape!

If you're planning on going far or off-road, bring bright-coloured tape with you so that you can mark your way in case you get lost. Just make sure that the tape is bio-degradable! 

7. DIY lamp

Make your own lamp by pointing a headlamp towards a jug filled with water.

8. Keep toilet paper dry

Use an empty coffee container or something similar to store toilet paper in. It will keep your toilet paper clean and dry. 

9. Make banana parcels

Here's a quick dessert for cooking over the fire - banana parcels! Split the banana lengthwise, without cutting it all the way through. Next, load the bananas with chocolate buttons and mini marshmallows. Wrap individually in aluminium foil and then place near the campfire to melt the insides. Open up and enjoy!

10. Get spicy with tic tac boxes

There's no need to haul all your herbs and spices with you on a camping trip. Instead, save space by storing your favourite ingredients in empty tic tac boxes

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