10 Classic Cereal Box Prizes Only An Eighties Child Will Remember

Because we ALL remember digging through a new box to get to the prize at the bottom

10 Classic Cereal Box Prizes Only An Eighties Child Will Remember

The 80s were magical. In a time long before the internet and when most of us only had four television channels to choose from, children relied on playing and being outdoors for entertainment which meant that the toys were totally amazing. Birthdays and Christmas were highly-anticipated events but back in the old days, fun playthings could be delivered weekly with breakfast, thanks to an impressive range of cereal toys manufacturers used to entice young consumers.

Cereal toys were hands down the best part of the morning. Even now as proper grown-ups, few things beat the thrill of hearing that unmistakable clink of a toy hitting your cereal bowl as you tip out your breakfast. Unless of course, you ripped through the box as soon as it was opened, digging for your treasure! That's when, if you had any siblings, unexpected family battles could take over the kitchen as you fought over who would get the latest surprise.

The sets were particularly enjoyable as you would have to eat through boxes and boxes of cereal in order to collect them all, or swap with a friend in the playground if you were lucky. With toys ranging from 3D glasses to water transfers, there was something for everyone at the breakfast table. Take a trip down memory lane with these amazing cereal toys from your childhood...

1. Bike spoke reflectors

Cycling safety may not have been on every child's mind in the 80s but super cool wheel reflectors certainly were. In a variety of colours and shapes, these were the must-have bicycle accessory for an 80s kid and could be found lurking your Kellogg's cereal box. Spokey Dokeys were particularly fun, as they would clatter and make noises as you cycled.

2. Rubber poppers


These dome shaped toys brought hours of fun to the breakfast table – and more than a few incidents of spilled milk! A colourful popper from the cerael box would be turned inside out before being placed on a flat surface. That's when the best part happened – waiting for the 'pop' up towards the ceiling.

3. Spoon toppers

The only thing more fun that listening to the snap, crackle and pop of your Rice Krispies? Enjoying them with your very own spoon topper! The only annoying bit was if you happened to get two of the same toppers. Then it was time to beg mum to buy another box so that you could try and collect them all.

4. 3D Glasses


Kids today would barely recognise the 3D glasses that used to come free with breakfast in the 80s. Made from flimsy cardboard and green and red cellophane, children could stare at the back on cereal boxes for hours just exploring an exciting (and slightly blurry) 3D world.

5. Money!

OK, so this wasn't exactly free but if you bought five packs of Shredded Wheat cereal, paid for the postage and then waited 28 days for delivery, you could be the proud owner of a £1 coin! Which back in those days, was basically enough money to buy your sweets for the whole week. Not quite sure if it was worth all that effort though...

6. Shrinky Dinks


These magical figurines were so much fun to play with. Large, flexible sheets that would come with your breakfast cereal had to be baked before the real surprise was revealed - they would shrink! These would then become small plates to play with or even jewellery to wear. Some of the Shrinky Dinks could even be painted before going into the oven.

7. Water transfers

Lunch boxes and pencil cases were made infinitely cooler with the addition of these transfers that simply needed a bit of water to work – and some patience. Who doesn't remember lifting the sheet too early and ruining your Ghostbuster or Star Wars transfer?

8. Badges


Remember the Weetabix gang? This popular TV advert ran all through the 80s and came with badges and stickers in the boxes, encouraging kids to eat the wheat with the slogan 'If you know what's good for you!' Not sure if it was the threat from the Weetabix gang or the cool badges that came in the box, but this cereal was a firm favourite.  

9. Trivia booklets

Comics and puzzle books were also fun, but before the age of Wikipedia trivia booklets were the best way to learn about your favourite TV shows. 'Home and Away' and 'Neighbours' trivia booklets were particularly popular.

10. Pop posters


Even teenagers got involved with cereal toys when pop posters were included in the box. The perfect bedroom decor for any 80s teen, pop posters from Shreddies cereal included ABBA, The Police, Buck's Fizz, Adam & The Ants and more.

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