Did Chandler and Monica move into the Home Alone house?

Watch this video and see for yourself...

Did Chandler and Monica move into the Home Alone house?

Friends may have ended over 12 years ago but we still can't get enough of it! From hilarious phrases from the show that we now use on a daily basis to fascinating new trivia, Friends still feels very much part of our lives. 

And now some clever people from production company 22 Vision have spotted a bizarre connection between the beloved show and one of our favourite Christmas movies. That's right - there's a link between Friends and Home Alone

Remember the house that Chandler and Monica bought in the suburbs of New York during the show's final season? Well, it turns out that it's the same house that Kevin McCallister lived in! 

Watch the video below and see the evidence for yourself...

In the explanatory video, you can clearly see that Chandler and Monica's new house shares the same view of its neighbours as the McCallister home does! 

Now of course, it can't actually be the same house. Chandler and Monica moved to the outskirts of NYC in 2004, whereas Home Alone takes place in Chicago in 1990. But apparently, the makers of the hit TV show used the same stock footage outside Chandler and Monica’s new house that was used for the outside of the famous Home Alone house.

"They used the stock footage from the filming of Home Alone assuming nobody would notice. We noticed!" the video explains.

Not convinced? According to The Sun, 22 Vision got in touch with the residents of the real house in Winnetka, Illinois, who confirmed that it is indeed the same house.

Consider our minds blown!