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You Won’t Believe What’s Been Happening At The Chelsea Flower Show So Far…

Pet names for Prince William, a mysterious visitor, and more drama than you can shake a stick at!

You Won’t Believe What’s Been Happening At The Chelsea Flower Show So Far…

When you think of the Chelsea Flower Show, you don't necessarily think of high drama. However, this year is proving us all wrong with some very hilarious goings-on in between the daisies and daffodils. 

From a mysterious cardboard-like attendee, to the Queen dropping hilarious jokes and contestants squabbling over boundary lines, it's been coming up roses at the Chelsea Flower Show 2016:

Kate Middleton lets slip her pet name for Prince William...

While the Duchess and Duke are notoriously private about their well, private life, we got a glimpse behind the carefully veiled curtain at the Chelsea Flower Show this week.

This year was the first time that Kate and William made an official appearance and in a rare moment, the Duchess of Cambridge let her guard slip and hilariously revealed her pet name for her husband in the process. And you’ll never guess what it is…

As Garden designer Charlie Albone, who was showing the couple around at the time, told the Mirror: "I got to meet Prince Will and Prince Harry. Prince William was quite funny actually. He came up and said, 'What [flower] is this one?' and I replied, 'That's a Buxus'. Princess Catherine just turned to him and said, 'Babe, we've got those. We've got loads of those.'"

Babe! Who would have thought?

Prince William has some trouble with the English language 

The Duke of Cambridge has always been known as a bit of a joker, but it came as a shock to everyone when he admitted he couldn’t say, never mind spell, one of the most popular flower names.

When a pink and green chrysanthemum named after Princess Charlotte to honour her for her birthday on 15th May, her father joked it would be a far easier name to spell than the original, saying: "Can you spell Chrysanthemum? I can't even say it". Oh, Wills!

Who's that man? 

While security was stepped up at this year’s show (probably due to the Duke and Duchess making an appearance), it seems that nobody noticed a strange attendee sneaking in – nobody that is except for an eagle-eyed TV viewer. Watching a broadcast from the flower show on the BBC yesterday, Chris Stangroom was surprised to notice a man who didn’t appear to move AT ALL for the duration of the clip. Instead, the strange man held a creepy smile and stared straight into camera without moving or blinking. Intrigued, Chris paused the show and captured a video, which he then posted online to get other people’s opinions, asking: "Watch the man with the black striped top – is he a cardboard cut-out?"

Well, what do you think? Is it a man? Is it an alien? Is it a cardboard cut-out? We may never know.

Is this poison I see before me?

During the Queen's annual visit to the show, she flashed her cheeky side yet again while she was being shown round by famous show herb gardener Jekka McVicar. While giving her an in-depth tour, Jekka happened to tell the Queen how the flowering plant, lily of the valley, was once used as a poison. Ms McVicar, designer of the St John's Hospice garden at the show, told the Queen: "It has the same properties as digitalis." 

Hilariously, the Queen then turned round and said: “I've been given two bunches this week. Perhaps they want me dead”!

Oh Queenie – we do love your sense of humour!

Break it up!

You’d think brawling over boundary lines was something that only happened in movies, but there was almost a real life fight on our hands when gardeners Diarmuid Gavin, the biggest name in garden design and Chelsea debutant Sam Ovens had to share the most coveted plot of land in the show: ‘The Triangle’.

Having to share back-to-back gardens, it was essential that each designer knew what the other was planning, but a last-minute change by Gavin saw a rusty shed going back-to-back with Ovens’s plot – something which clashed with Ovens’s naturalistic design.

As Mr. Oven’s said of the shed to the Telegraph: “There was meant to be a full-length hedge but it was a late tweak on Diarmuid’s site. Because my garden is open heathland I can’t hide it.”

Although there was initial surprise, both parties have been quick to set the story straight and say that there are no hard feelings.

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

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