Children In Need: An A-Z of different ways to fundraise

Brilliant ideas for how to raise money for a great cause

Children In Need: An A-Z of different ways to fundraise

Asda and BBC Children in Need have been partners since 2000. In that time, our customers have helped to raise an amazing £17million to help change the lives of children across the UK – thank you!

This year, we’re teaming up to champion the Power of Play. Our money will help fund projects that enable 30,000 disadvantaged children across the UK to develop vital life skills through play.

Fundraising is a vital part of Children In Need. That's why we've rounded up 26 brilliant Children In Need fundraising ideas so that you and your family can get involved in this great event.

A is for Auction

Get rid of clutter and any unwanted items by hosting an auction in your community. Clothes the kids have grown out of are a great place to start - and there's always someone else that needs them!

B is for Bingo

Host a Bingo night and ask for a £1 donation to play. The winner receives a baked treat and the money raised goes to Children In Need. You can print out everything you need for an adorable Pudsey Bingo here

C is for clothes

Our Asda colleagues and customers are hoping to raise more than ever by selling a whole range of Pudsey goodies. The range includes a cute and fluffy Pudsey backpack for little ones, Pudsey ear headbands (find them in store), and this beautiful T-shirt designed by this year's competition winner, Megan.

D is for Disco party

Invite parents and children round for an evening of music and dancing. Ask for donations at the door and give a prize to whoever has the best moves or can dance the longest.

E is for egg and spoon race

Head to the park with friends and family and get each participant to pay £1 to take part in a race to see who can go the furthest without dropping their egg.

F is for film night

Get some comfy cushions and soft blankets for the living room, invite some friends round, make some popcorn and sweets (or combine the two!) and host a movie night. Donations at the door go to Children In Need.

G is for Guessing games

Put a handful of sweets in a jar and then let friends and family pay 50p to guess how many there are. 

H is for hunt

We've all lost a couple of coins down the side of the sofa or in the depths of our bag - so hunt around your home to find some hidden change. 

I is for Ice Cream

Making your own ice cream is easy. Whip up some delicious flavours and then sell them to your mates for a couple of quid. 

J is for Joke-a-thon

Everyone knows at least one good joke, right? Gather friends and family and ask everyone to donate 50p to tell their best joke and then vote on which one is the funniest! 

K is for Karaoke

Host a karaoke party with people singing (or just lip-syncing) their favourite tunes - ask for donations at the door. And, if you're feeling cheeky, you could even penalise the worst performance!

L is for Lemonade

Get inspired by our friends across the pond and make some homemade lemonade to sell to your neighbours. This easy recipe will get you started…

M is for marshmallow eating contest

Invite parents and kids around for an epic marshmallow eating contest - compete over how many can you fit into your mouth or how many you can eat in a minute! Charge people 20p per marshmallow.

N is for nature walks

This is a great option for those who know a bit about their local area - charge £1 per person to take neighbours and friends for a fascinating walk-about where you can point out interesting sights or unusual flora and fauna.  

O is for Olympics

Host a mini Olympics in the local park or your garden to raise money. Get teams together to compete in family-friendly games, like hoola-hooping contests and balance competitions. Charge teams to enter and give the winners a fun (but inexpensive) prize. 

P is for Planking challenge

How long can you hold a plank for? Work out and raise money at the same time by challenging friends and family - loser has to pay up!

Q is for Quiz

Host a fun quiz with mates and ask teams for £5 to take part. You could even have a theme for the quiz to match your friends' interest (like an ultimate Game of Thrones quiz or an X-Factor trivia game). 

R is for Raffle

Ask friends and local businesses to donate brilliant prizes and then host a raffle with all proceeds going to Children In Need. 

S is for Sport

Similar to the the mini Olympics, sport is a great way to raise cash. Decide on a fun sport that you and your friends want to play (like football or tennis) and then charge people to enter with the hope of winning a prize.

T is for Treasure hunt

Lay clues around your home or town and ask participants to pay up to get the first clue. Make sure you've got a prize at the end even if it's just some home-baked treats).

U is for University Challenge

Instead of pitting unis against each other, get different families together to host a child-friendly quiz night. Each family has to pay £1 per participant to partake. 

V is for video game tournament

Host a sponsored video football game tournament – simply charge your friends and family 50p to enter and then play each other in knock-out rounds until a winner is crowned!  

W is for Who’s that baby

Collect some old baby-photos of your mates, bosses or teachers. Then stick them up on a wall and get people to pay to guess who they are for a fee.

X is for X-Factor Singing

You don't need Simon Cowell to host an X-Factor night! Get participants to belt out their favourite X-Factor tunes (for a fee, of course) and award the winner with a massive cake

Y is for Yo-yo

Get a cheap pack of yo-yos and host a yo-yo competition with kids - who can keep it spinning the longest? Don't forget to charge £1 for each participant and have a brilliant prize ready for the winner! 

Z is for Zumba

Have a pal who's a certified zumba instructor? Ask her to host a private zumba class and ask friends or parents to pay to partake!

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