The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are a real hoot

Celebrating the best slapstick from the animal kingdom

The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are a real hoot

There's nothing better than a bit of slapstick and this annual photography competition shows that we're not the only ones who struggle to keep it together when there are cameras around. 

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards aim to show the sillier side of nature's most majestic beasts and this year's winners will definitely make you smile. 

From a fox who's faceplanted in the snow, to a cheetah debating whether to stick to the speed limit, these candid pictures show the lighter side of nature. 

Over 2,200 funny entries were received from around the world this year - from amateur and professional photographers alike - with each of the contenders combining exquisite photography skills and perfect comedy timing.

At the awards ceremony earlier this month, judges crowned five overall category winners, as well as commending 10 additional entries. 

But we think they're all winners! Enjoy. 

Overall and On the Land winner

Angela Bohlke from the USA snatched the top prize in both the Overall and On the Land categories with her entertaining picture of a fox face-planting in the snow, which she captured in Yellowstone National Park.

Angela, 36, said: “I was absolutely shocked to be announced as the overall winner as I was not at all expecting to even be a finalist and there were so many amazing photographs from such skilled photographers in the competition. 

“The picture shows a red fox hunting for his morning breakfast, a small rodent, known as a vole. This photograph is from one of the times he unfortunately, however, hilariously missed. On the third try, he finally succeeded.

“To me, winning is just a chance to share the beauty of our protected lands with more people. I plan to donate any personal profit from sales of the image back to Yellowstone National Park where this image was taken.”

Kenya Airways In the Air winner

This went to Nicholas de Vaulx, for his brilliant image of a pelican dropping its dinner mid-flight. 

Underwater winner

Jim Chen from Taiwan scooped the top prize for his painted frog fish casually hitting another in the face. 

Junior winner

15-year-old Thomas Bullivant from London won in the junior category for this well-timed photo of a family of smiling zebras.

Winning portfolio

Argentinian banker Mario Gustavo Fiorucci won the award for the portfolio category with his comedic images of four posing owls. 

Commended entries

We've picked out our favourites from the 10 commended entries.

Photographer: Adam Parsons; title: Angel Bear

Photographer: Philip Marazzi; title: Hello!

Photographer: Vaughan Jessnitz; title: 'Cheetah pondering the speed limit..."well this sucks!"'

Photographer: Tom Stables; title: 'Head shot'

The level of entries was so high that the competition has already decided to return in 2017 to look for more of the world’s funniest wildlife images.

Entries will open on 1st June 2017 so get snapping! 

You can find out more about the annual awards here