Corgi running on beach

Is this how the Queen’s corgis will celebrate her birthday?

A corgi beach party does seem the best way to mark Queen Liz's 90th

Is this how the Queen’s corgis will celebrate her birthday?

In what we think could be practice for the Queen's birthday celebrations, more than 600 Corgis gathered on a sunny beach in southern California this week for Corgi Beach Day. Which, if you don't know, is an annual event where corgis and their humans go to hang out with friends, get to know new dogs and generally chill and party by the sea. We wonder if Holly and Willow (the Queen's corgis) are planning something similar?

Held in California, on Huntington Dog Beach, the event attracts corgis from all over the state and really is a dog-lover's dream. If you fall firmly into that camp, look through these glorious pictures of corgis living their best lives and make a mental note that April really is the best time of year to visit California...


Tatertot aand bffl @corgithomasbean welcomed everyone to #corgchella!

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So what exactly happens at the corgi beach party?

Well, whole squads rolled up together and family members were even reunited.

The Corgis took sea safety very seriously. YES life jackets were worn, and there was even a Corgi lifeguard on patrol to protect all the Corgis just in case sharks showed up – which they did! But they just so happened to be cute and Corgi-shaped.


Gloomy day at #SoCalCorgiBeachDay but that didn't stop our pawty!!! �� #birthdayboy

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Taking pics with fans!

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There was an EPIC costume contest full of great entries including a pirate, taco and the awesome winner, spaghetti and meatballs!


I liked his sombrero �� taco the corgi @socalcorgibeachday @healthyspot #corgisofhealthyspot #socalcorgibeachday

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SoCal Corgi Beach Day ��

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Humans even got in on the act, dressing up as – you guessed it - Corgis.

There was also a Corg-kini contest. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Not forgetting the talent show, where Corgis from around the country showed off their hidden abilities. One of the winners was Poppy, who can balance on the tiniest of places. 


So Cal Corgi Beach Day in full swing!!!! Get your butts down here and join the pawty!!!

A photo posted by SoCal Corgi Beach Day (@socalcorgibeachday) on

And of course, lots of adorable corgi behaviour such as splashing through water, taking naps and licking noses.

Basically, it was pretty much THE BEST THING EVER.

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