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7 cool craft ideas for kids (that adults will love too)

You're never too old to play with poster paint

7 cool craft ideas for kids (that adults will love too)

If you're looking for ways to keep the kids entertained at the weekends and during school holidays, then why not roll up your sleeves and get the whole family involved in some fun craft projects. Here's our pick of the best activities to try this half term:

Turn a family walk into an art project

All go on a walk together and while you’re exploring the great outdoors, give each of the children a tupperware tub to collect little twigs, pretty leaves, flowers and stones. Then use your nature finds and some glue to create pictures of things you've seen on your travels.

Paint an exploding picture

Make sure your family time goes off with a bang by pouring some paint into balloons, pinning them to a large canvas outside in the garden and taking turns to throw darts at the balloons. When they explode, paint will splash up the paper which is not only fun, but will create a great work of art for your home.

Make gardening fun with funny herb faces

Always wanted to grow herbs in your kitchen? Get some plant pots and task the children with creating funny faces on them using goggly eyes and pipe cleaners or odds and ends to make noses and a mouth. Then when the herbs are planted, they’ll make crazy hairstyles to finish off the plant pot faces perfectly.

Have a catapult competition

Get some lollipop sticks, plastic spoons, masking tape, plastic bowls and some elastic bands and get everyone in the family to make their own catapult. Clear the dining room table and see whose catapult can fire little pom pom balls the furthest. It’s a great science and technology project that is not only fun, but will help children learn as they play.

Make do and mend with terrifying glove monsters

Round up all those miscellaneous gloves that have lost their other hand, stuff them and get everyone to turn them into terrifying glove monsters. Use thread, buttons, wool, bits of fabric and sequins – the scarier the monster, the better!

Start a pizzeria

Encourage everyone to play with their food for a change. Make up a batch of super simple pizza dough and everyone in the family can roll out their own base and top with whatever they like. It's easy, fun and the best crafts are always the ones you can eat.

Paint on the walls

Make bath time more creative by mixing some baby shampoo, cornflower, food colouring and a splash of water together to make bathroom paints that wash off. Put different colours into an ice cube tray and then let your little ones paint masterpieces on the bath and tiles. 

Pom pom garlands

Young or old, everyone loves pom poms. Use up old knitting wool by making lots of different colour pom poms to make a garland or mobile for their bedroom. Or for an Easter twist, why not make white pom poms and turn them into a string of sheep?