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5 crafty ideas and tips to help entertain the kids this half term

Help the kids fall in love with the 'imaginative world that drawing offers'...

By Rebecca Shepherd, 07 February 2017
5 crafty ideas and tips to help entertain the kids this half term

'I'm bored' - that dreaded phrase that every kid is sure to utter at some point this half term.

“I fell in love with the imaginative world that drawing offers; having a blank piece of paper with which you have the opportunity to draw and paint your own made up world"

But keeping the kids entertained at home is easier than you think and you won't have to rely on your iPad.

All it takes is a quick hunt for some paper, some everyday household items and a sprinkle of creativity to stop children from getting restless.

Award-winning designer and illustrator Katie Craven, who has previously designed part of the Asda homeware range, told us: “As a child I was always drawing and painting, and I just never stopped!

“I fell in love with the imaginative world that drawing offers; having a blank piece of paper with which you have the opportunity to draw and paint your own made up world - It's wonderful!

"I think the best way for kids to explore drawing is without rules, so that they can learn for themselves what works!"

So, with half-term looming, we've come up with some creative and imaginative ways to keep the kids entertained at home for hours. Gather the children together and have a go at these craft activities and games.

You might even enjoy them as much as the kids!

1. Get them crafting

Set the kids a task this half term to make birthday cards for friends and relatives. Not only will the recipients love receiving a personalised card, but the kids will love drawing their own design and getting messy and creative.

Talking about what type of kid-friendly equipment to stock up on, Katie added: “Pencils are better than pens, and these should be applied with a medium amount of pressure. Fat-nibbed coloured pens are also great as they are less fiddly for little ones. 

“However, painting with different sized brushes is the best way for children to explore their creativity!”

2. Colouring in is always fun

Colouring books for adults was the latest craze to have swept the nation, so why not get your little ones to try it too?

We have a range of colouring in books including Harry Potter, Postman Pat and Pokemon-inspired books. Or click here to download Katie's Spring Blooms illustration (pictured below), which you can get the kids to decorate. Once they have finished you could frame it for their bedroom!

3. Get them to go into the garden

Eventually, when the sun does decide to shine this half term, make sure you get the kids into the garden to explore all the different textures and plants. They could do some bark rubbings, collect some leaves and sticks and then use their finds to create a 3D picture. Or why not get your little ones to draw some flowers? 

Sharing tips about drawing Katie said: “My tip would be to lightly draw out the object they are drawing in pencil first, and just sketch the different shapes that the object they are drawing makes.

"If it is a flower for example, I would notice the shape of each petal, and how each one sits beside one another.

“I would also notice the proportions too, and if the flower is in a vase it would be good to notice the size of the vase in proportion to the flower."

4. Paint an exploding picture


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Make sure your family time goes off with a bang by pouring some paint into balloons, pinning them to a large canvas outside in the garden and taking turns to pop the balloons.

When they explode, paint will splash up the paper which is not only fun, but will create a great work of art for your home. Just make sure you put down some paper or old towels first!

5. Make gardening fun with funny herb faces

Always wanted to grow your own herbs in your kitchen? Well why not get the kids to do it.

Grab some plant pots and task the children with creating funny faces on them using black pens, goggly eyes and pipe cleaners or odds and ends to make noses and a mouth. Then when the herbs are planted, they’ll make crazy hairstyles to finish off the plant pot faces perfectly. Not only will you be able to flavour and garnish your dishes with your own homegrown herbs but the children will love watching their creations grow!

Inspired to get the kids crafting this half term? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store