How to create a showstopper Christmas wreath

Making your own wreath is easier than you might think...

How to create a showstopper Christmas wreath

What have you got planned for this weekend? If you're putting up your tree, writing your Christmas cards and getting into the festive spirit, why not go all out and make your own wreath! 

We’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide to help you and the kids get crafty this season and make a fantastic foam wreath.

You’ll need:

  • A ruler and pencil
  • Green foam
  • Scissors
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Metal cutters or pliers
  • Multi-coloured pom poms and red and white pipe-cleaners (part of the Asda Craft Pack)
  • Double-sided tape


Step one: 

Using a ruler and pencil, divide up a large piece of green foam into equal size squares. Ours were roughly 8x8cm. Cut them out using scissors – ask an adult to help. You will need a lot of squares, but once they are measured out, they’re quick to cut. 

Step two:

Ask an adult to help you cut one side of the wire hanger at the base of the hook neck, using wire or metal cutters, so that you can bend it into a rough circle. Stack 3 or 4 squares and make a hole through the centre using a pencil or similar.

Slide the stack onto the open end of the hanger, pushing it as far as it will go to the other side. Repeat with more squares until the wire is covered and tightly packed. 

Step three: 

With adult supervision and pliers, twist the cut end of the coat hanger back around the hook to close the circle. This is quite fiddly, so take care. Snip off excess wire. Twist a white pipe-cleaner around a red one, creating a candy cane effect and, starting at the top, wrap it around the hanger’s hook, covering it completely. 

Step four:

Make more lengths of intertwined red and white pipe-cleaners and cut into smaller sections. Bend into mini candy canes. 

Step five: 

Decorate your wreath with small and large pom poms and the mini candy canes, secured in place with double-sided tape and voila! You should now have a fantastic foam wreath which will be able to be used again and again. 

To stock up on all your craft items and sweets you'll need to create this stunning wreath, head online or pop into your local store.