Baby owls outside

9 of the cutest baby animals ever

Because who doesn't love a little creature?

9 of the cutest baby animals ever

Cute animals are very definitely what you need to look at right now. Feeling low? A picture of a baby panda will lift your mood instantly. Feeling stressed? Be calmed by a tiny bunny. Feeling happy? A baby koala will make you even happier.

There is no instance when looking at pictures of cute animals isn't a good idea, so stop whatever you're currently up to and browse our selection of the cutest EVER baby animals... (and then bookmark this page for easy access next time you have a spare five minutes)

1. A sleepy Shetland pony is surely top of everyone's cute baby animal list



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2. This happy piglet will brighten any bad mood



3. If you've never heard of a quokka, you need to google this little guy immediately



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4. This baby panda looks like he wants to be friends, right?



5. #YogaGoals



6. This bunny definitely knows how cute he is



7. Mmm... Delicious



8. A real life Babe!



9. Two more bunnies, because who doesn't love bunnies?