Adorable hedgehogs and swanky pooch pads in this week’s Pet Corner

Prepare yourself for high levels of cute.

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Adorable hedgehogs and swanky pooch pads in this week’s Pet Corner

We’re bringing you the best animal news this week, from a chihuahua living in style to Azuki, the cutest hedgehog you’ve ever seen.

Swanky Pooch Pad

Forget plush dog beds and cosy kennels, this chihuahua is living in real style. When owner Betty McCall, from Georgia, US, moved home with her 4-year-old dog Poncho, she decided to build him a space of his very own under the stairs.

Cue a fully furnished bedroom, complete with a tiny little bed, miniature grand piano and wall art, which Poncho likes to escape to whenever he’d like some time to himself.

After Betty’s nephew shared the images of Poncho’s room online, many have likened the bedroom to Harry Potter’s famous sleeping quarters. Though Harry’s room wasn’t the inspiration behind Poncho’s bedroom, Betty does agree that the pooch ‘looks like a house elf’.

Visited my aunts new house over the holiday. This is the room she built for her Chihuahua.

Azuki: The Cutest Hedgehog Ever

Prepare yourself for high levels of cute; Azuki is a baby hedgehog from Japan, who loves nothing more than taking warm baths, mini massages and being fed with a spoon.

With over 58k followers on Instagram, Azuki is fast becoming one of the most followed animals on Instagram, thanks to his adorable smile.

Pidg & Bunny The Unlikely Besties

Meet Pidg, the pigeon, and Bunny, the rabbit, who have formed an unlikely friendship after meeting in an Irish wildlife sanctuary. Rescued separately as very young orphans, Pidg and Bunny were placed in the same incubator at Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit, with a divider to allow them separate spaces.

When carers came to check on the pair however, the divider had been knocked down and the animals were snuggled together. They’ve been that way ever since, and are now very firm friends.

“They have curled straight up together after every feed,” the foundation told BuzzFeed. “The comfort of two heartbeats together, of companionship, has crossed the species divide.”

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