A Japanese Island Full of Fluffy Bunnies and Adorable Rescued Pets

End your week on a high with these lovable furry friends.

A Japanese Island Full of Fluffy Bunnies and Adorable Rescued Pets

We’re bringing you the best animal news this week in Pet's Corner, from an island in Japan populated by thousands of fluffy bunnies, to two rescued pets who are now living the good life.

Pikelet The Foster Dog


Some people call me #Pikelet my parents call me #Perfection ���� #adoptdontshop

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Meet Pikelet folks, the rescued dog who now helps to foster other animals in need.

Rescued himself at five weeks old from a council pound in Australia, Pikelet suffered from a curved spine and deformed legs.

Luckily, after being placed with a foster family, he was soon adopted by the very same people and now helps them look after other rescued animals.

From dogs big and small, to ducklings and even a young pig, Pikelet is the caring foster brother for these animals in need of a little love.



Okunoshima aka The Bunny Island

If you like cute and cuddly bunnies, it might be time to take a trip to Japan. Okunoshima, an island on southern Japan’s Inland Sea, has a population of wild rabbits reaching into the thousands.

Though the origin of the bunny colony is still a much debated mystery - there are several theories as to how so many rabbits came to live on Okunoshima - one thing is for certain; tourists love them.

Fluffy and friendly, the bunnies like to hop around the island’s many visitors, in the hopes of finding food and a little attention.

Beautiful views and fluffy bunny rabbits? Sounds like our kind of trip!

Bobo the Shopkeeping Kitty


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When you’re a feline shopkeeper, there’s rarely time to rest. Unless of course, you have a designated lounger positioned right next to the door, like Bobo.

Rescued by an employee of the Chinatown, NYC, store nine years ago, Bobo has been manning the shop front ever since.

‘At the store, he likes to sit near the entrance and greet customers. He has his own scratcher lounge towards the front of the store and likes to sit there. He also likes to look out the window, a curious cat!’ says store employee Annie Liao, who has bonded with the cat after joining the team two years ago.

Bobo apparently loves to greet customers as they enter, and show them around the store. Although he’s been pretty busy with his own Instagram account of late...



A photo posted by King Bobo �� (@tabby_bobo) on


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