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The hero dogs who will melt your heart

Plus a pet groomer who just might be the Dr Dolittle of dancing!

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The hero dogs who will melt your heart

Ready for your weekly instalment of cute pets and pooches? In this week’s Pet Corner we’ve got an adorable set of doggie BFFs, a pet groomer who knows how to keep his canine customers entertained, and a hero rescue dog helping to save wild animals in need...

Zen and Hoshi: Best Friends Forever

Get the tissues; this sweet story might a bring a tear to your eye. Zen, a rescued pomeranian, first met Hoshi, an eskimo dog, when owner Pauline Perez rescued him from a shelter. Initially a nervous and quiet pup, Zen soon came out of his shell thanks to a warm welcome and guidance from older Hoshi.

When the eskie had to have his eyes removed due to glaucoma however, the friendship became something else.

Little Zen stepped up to take care of Hoshi, seeming to understand the shift in their relationship immediately. Now, Zen and Hoshi go on plenty of hikes and adventures together, with Zen leading the way, guiding Hoshi along the safest path.

“We attach a leash together and Zen does the leading. Even if they're on two separate leashes, Zen walks beside him,” Perez tells

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The Ultimate Rescue Dog

Meet Princess, everyone. Adopted from a rescue shelter by Jenny and Jimmy Desmond, Princess had been dumped by her former owners and was on the brink of being put down.

Clearly loving her new life, Princess now travels the world with the Desmonds, who are conservation workers, helping to rescue other animals in need.

From Kenya to Liberia, Princess helps to comfort rescued baby chimps who have lost their parents, watching over them while they receive the care, nourishment and treatment they need to be released back into the wild. What a hero!

Pet Shop Party

Ever wonder what happens when you drop your dog off at the pet groomers? One husband and wife duo have revealed just how they keep their canine customers entertained.

When Gabriela Caballero walked in on her husband Luis dancing with one pooch while giving him a bath, she couldn’t resist capturing the scene on camera, and sharing it on Facebook.

“We are a family dedicated to the dogs,” she has since explained. “He loves them, and they love him.” Luis even helps to rescue stray dogs from the streets of Argentina’s capital in his spare time.

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