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Check Out The Internet’s Cheekiest Animals In This Week’s Pet Corner

You won't BELIEVE what one black panther sets out to do...

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Check Out The Internet’s Cheekiest Animals In This Week’s Pet Corner

It's time for another news round up in this week's Pet Corner, where we scour the web for news about cute pets and sweet animals that will make your day. This week, we have a lazy chicken that got caught sleeping on the job by its owner and a beautiful dog that looks just like a fox - and not just any fox! See if you can guess who Mya the dog looks like. You won't believe the shocking video of a black panther sneaking up on an unsuspecting man... don't worry, it has a happy ending! Catch up on this week's best animals stories below... 

Sleeping chicken

Walking around and clucking all day is hard work! At least according to this sleepy chicken, who was caught dozing by his owner. 


Mya the fox

Meet Mya, a beautiful pomeranian-husky mix (also known as a 'pomsky'). Mya became internet famous last week, not only because she's so gorgeous (which she is!) but because she bears a striking resemblance to a certain image.  

Internet users saw photos of the fox-like pup and were quick to point out that Mya looks just like a fire-type Pokémon. She also looks a whole lot like the Mozilla Firefox icon! 

Pucker up, panther

Watch below as a sleek black panther creeps up behind a man and pounces... for a kiss!

Posted to Facebook the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico  released the video on Friday of a black panther, named Kal-El, stalking and pouncing on foundation owner Eduardo Serio. But as it turns out, the big cat just wanted to play and give some kisses. 

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