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Is Daniel Craig leaving Bond behind?

The actor may have drunk his last martini as the iconic British Spy...

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Is Daniel Craig leaving Bond behind?

After ten years and four films as the Sauvé 007, the rumour mill is going crazy with reports that Daniel Craig has stepped down as James Bond forevermore. Although neither Craig himself nor any spokesman for the actor has confirmed the news, it has left fans and non-fans alike gagging with excitement as to who might take up the mantel in his stead.

'I'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists than do another Bond' - Daniel Craig (Time Out London)

What is certain is that Craig has accepted a primary role on an upcoming US television series called Purity and at 20 episodes a series, the move might make it quite difficult for him to return to his iconic role. Based on the Jonathan Franzen novel of the same name, Purity follows the quest of twentysomething Purity Tyler as she attempts to find her missing father, along with help from Craig’s character, the German Andreas Wolf. The adaptation will be Craig’s first major television series since the BBC epic Our Friends in the North in 1996. 

With Craig telling Time Out London last October that he’d ‘rather break this glass and slash my wrists’ than do a fifth Bond film, speculation has been rife as to who would follow in Daniel Craig's footsteps. Everyone from Idris Elba and Richard Madden to Aiden Turner and Tom Hiddleston have had their names thrown into the ring, but here are our five favourites:

Idris Elba

Star of Luther and The Wire, Idris Elba has been a fan favorite for the last few years, as well as sparking heated debate about whether there could ever be a black James Bond. The star himself isn't so sure, saying his reluctance down to the fact that he wouldn't want to be known as 'the black James Bond'.

Damian Lewis

Last year it was reported by the Mirror that the Homeland star had been given the 'unofficial nod' by Bond bigwigs that he would be next when Daniel stepped aside, while Bookmakers championed the actor as their favourite back in June 2015. When asked if he had taken the role this January, he joked: “I would tell you but I would have to kill you.” We don't know about you, but we'd love to see a ginger Bond!

James Norton

James Norton has been moving up in the James Bond stakes the last few weeks due to his fantastic work in the recent BBC adaption of War and Peace, with bookies slashing his odds just days ago. Is this a sign that they know something we don't? We'll just have to wait and see!

Hugh Jackman

Jackman was approached for the role about 10 years ago, but said the timing was wrong. Recently he posted this epic tongue-in-cheek video on twitter, giving us an impression of what the role might be like if he took it on. We already know he'd have those fight scenes down from his work in X-men. 

Tom Hardy

Hardy was bookies favourite in September last year and with his smoking combination of grit and cool, most recently showcased in his recent stint in Mad Max: Fury Road, we'd bet money that he'd make a brilliant Bond. Hardy recently told the Standard that should he be offered the role, he'd 'smash it out the park'. We know you would Tom!

Whether Craig has really hung up the keys to his Aston Martin for good or not, we’re excited to see who will take on the role in the next film. Be sure to let us know your favourites and remember to check out Asda for all your Bond needs.