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7 marathons around the world to take part in

Put your best foot forward!

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7 marathons around the world to take part in

Thousands of people took to the streets of England’s capital on Sunday, April 23 to put their best foot forward and run the London Marathon.

Around 40,000 people took part at the 37th event including newcomer 23-year-old club runner, Josh Griffiths. The rising star, who has never run a 26.2 mile marathon before, overtook seasoned professionals in the men’s elite race before finishing overall in 13th place! 

If you were able to watch any of the participants run in their colourful running gear - whether it was from the comfort of your own home or on the sidelines - we’re sure the sea of runners, some of whom were running for charity and other's for personal bests, had you feeling pretty inspired.

So to help give you some more inspiration, we've rounded up 7 of the best marathons around the world. 

Vienna City Marathon, Austria

Month: April 

Weather: Maximum temperature of 15 degrees 

Tokyo Marathon, Japan

Month: February

Weather: Maximum temperature of 9 degrees

Reykjavik Marathon, Iceland

Month: August

Weather: Maximum temperature of 12 degrees

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Rotterdam Marathon, Netherlands

Month: April

Weather: Maximum temperature of 12 degress

The Big Five Marathon, South Africa

Month: June

Weather: Maximum temperature of 18 degrees

Paris Marathon, France

Month: April

Weather: Maximum temperature of 10 degrees

New York City Marathon, USA

Month: November

Weather: Maximum temperature of 12 degrees 

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