Amazing video proves that all Pixar films are set in the same universe

Disney confirms fan theory that the films are all connected but how many of these Easter eggs did you spot already?

Amazing video proves that all Pixar films are set in the same universe

Eagle-eyed fans have been speculating for years that the all the Disney Pixar movies are connected, with many pointing out the various Easter eggs (hidden nods to other films) that can be spotted in the collection.

For example, the number A113 shows up in most flicks (which is an inside joke referring to the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many Pixar animators studied!) and references to the 'Pizza Planet truck' are made in several movies. But now it looks like eager fans have finally received confirmation that all the Disney Pixar movies take place in the same universe.

An amazing video from the magic makers themselves shows multiple hidden clues and references that tie the different Disney Pixar movies together. Check it out below and see for yourself:

Pixar Easter Eggs

Oh my spurs! You ain't never seen Easter eggs like these, partner. ��

Posted by Toy Story on Sunday, 15 January 2017


The official Toy Story Facebook page shared the video earlier this week and it's already racked up more than 7 million views.

Featuring a mash-up of various Easter eggs from all 17 Pixar films, the clip suggests that perhaps the films and their characters all do in fact exist in the same universe. How exciting is that?

In the brilliant video, we see Riley from Inside Out peeking into a Finding Nemo fish tank, Sully from Monsters, Inc. etched into a wood drawing in Brave, Dug the dog from Up appearing in Ratatouille, and more. 

Did you already know about these hidden clues or is your mind totally blown? We have to admit that we definitely didn't know about all them! Guess we'll just have to spend the weekend catching up on our favourite Disney Pixar movies to spot the Easter eggs...

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