7 fab Diwali craft creations that your kids will love to make

Celebrate the festival of lights with some family arts and crafts

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7 fab Diwali craft creations that your kids will love to make

From fabulous fireworks and light displays to Rangoli art, Diya candles and embroidered Toran door hangings, Diwali is the perfect time to capture the kids’ imaginations with some festival inspired arts and crafts.

One of the brightest and most colourful festivals on the calendar, Diwali is a time filled with joy, peace and love

The Hindu festival of lights, Diwali falls on Sunday 30 October this year, with celebrations beginning on the day of Dhanteras, 28 October, and finishing on Bhai Dooj, 1 November.

One of the brightest and most colourful festivals on the calendar, Diwali is a time filled with joy, peace and love, traditionally celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and light over dark.

So to help the little ones get involved in both the preparations and celebrations, or simply to help them learn about the festivals of other cultures, enjoy some family bonding time with these creative crafty projects.

How to make a traditional Rangoli


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Traditionally made on the floor either indoors or outdoors using coloured rice, sand, powders or fresh flowers, Rangoli art designs are a vibrant way to honour Diwali, and welcome friends or family into your home during the celebration.

The best way to begin, is to mark out your design on the floor (or using a large piece of black paper or card) with white chalk, so that you have a clear outline to follow. Once you’re happy with the shape, you can start filling it all in with different colours—it’s important to fill all the space, leaving no gaps.

How to make a kids Rangoli

If a large floor Rangoli feels a little ambitious, why not get the kids involved to either paint their own Rangoli designs on paper or fill in the outlines of a template you print off using glue and coloured sand? There are plenty of Rangoli templates online that are easy to print out and trace.

Decorative candle holder

Glass jars can make for excellent candle holders, especially when creatively decorated. Paints work really well - and can be cleaned off while still wet should slips or mistakes happen—while wrapping ribbon threaded with beads around the jars looks fabulous. Once you’re done, pop in a tea light or small candle, and there you have a beautiful Diwali decoration.

Toran door hanging

While traditional Toran door hangings are made from embroidery, it’s easy for kids to make their own using colourful paper and ribbon.

Simply design each section of the Toran, bearing in mind that the hangings are usually symmetrical, and then attach them all together. You’ll need a ‘band’—the long strip that will run along the doorway, which holds your Toran together, along with the separate ‘drops’, which you’ll stick onto your band once you’re done.

Diya mobile (Hanging Diya)

Diya candles - a candle held in an earthenware holder, which is often decorated - are hugely popular during Diwali, and can make a great idea for hanging mobiles.

Draw your Diya candle on a sheet of paper or card, cut around the edges, and then colour it all in with paints or craft materials. Once it’s ready, simply attach a piece of string to the top, and hang it in the window.

Diwali cards

Kids love making cards, and Diwali cards provide the perfect opportunity for using lots of fun glitter! Celebrate the festival of lights with designs featuring sparkling fireworks and crackers, candles or some more Rangoli art.

Decorative candles

Candles play a huge role during Diwali, so why not get the kids involved in decorating their own to display around the house? Colourful marker pens work well on wax candles (permanent will perform the best), while painting them can be fun too.

For a quirky design, try sticking on gems or pushing colourful drawing pins into the wax to make creative shapes and patterns. Just remember to use metal pins if you plan to light the candles afterwards—plastic ones will melt!

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