Cat in bunny ears next to a basket of colourful eggs

12 animals that are so ready for Easter

Warning: cuteness overload ahead!

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12 animals that are so ready for Easter

Easter is nearly here, which means it’s time for stocking up on chocolate treats, spending some quality time with the family, and catching up on the latest films. But let's not forget about another great perk of the holiday – seeing adorable animals get ready for the festivities! You might not be ready for the holiday, but these Easter animals certainly are. We think that these furry friends are pretty cute on their own, but seeing them dressed to the nines is a real treat. 

From a lovable pup who’s ready to take over egg hiding duties to a squirrel that just can’t wait to celebrate, these Easter animals are almost too cute. Which one’s your favorite?

'I'd better be getting a treat after this....'

'Maybe if I dress up like a bunny, it will be easier to catch a bunny!'

Just when you thought this puppy couldn't get any cuter...

So tiny, so cute!

'Move over Easter Bunny, I've got this!'

Someone's had a few too many chocolate eggs...

'Now where did we hide those eggs again?'

This dog is so excited for Easter, he needs to take a little nap first

This floppy puppy is all dressed up for the occasion 

Easter eggs aren't just for bunnies, you know....

'I don't care what my hair looks like, just as long as I get my paws on one of those eggs!'