Best Easter craft ideas for kids

Keep the kids entertained at home with these cute and simple makes

Best Easter craft ideas for kids

Want to get the kids excited for an Easter at home? Listen up!

For an adventure-packed Easter break that children will love, discover these great ideas for celebrating the holiday, from an epic egg hunt to cute creative exercises.

Ready, steady, go...


This cute design resembles a cracked egg – with a chick peeking out of the middle!

You will need:

  • Asda Gel Glue Pen, £1 (2-pack; 50p each)
  • George Home Paper Plates (white), £1 (50-pack; 2p each)
  • George Home Paper Plates (in an assortment of colours), £1 (25-pack; 4p each)
  • 2 x mediumAsda Wiggly Eyes, £1 (assorted 3-pack; 33p each)
  • Orange craft foam, from Asda Foam Sheets, £1 (8-pack; 13p each)
  • Large and small feathers, from Asda Feathers Big Value Pack, £1


  • Pencil
  • A4 sheet yellow card
  • Scissors
  • 1 paper fastener



Make the chick

1. Draw an egg shape 10cm long on the yellow card, then cut out.

2. Glue the yellow egg in the centre of one of the paper plates.

3. Stick the wiggly eyes onto the egg. Cut out a beak from the orange craft foam and glue it on.

4. Glue large feathers on each side for wings and a small one on top of the head for a tuft.

For the eggshell

5. To make the cracked shell, draw a zigzag line across the other plate and cut along it.

6. Apply glue to the rim of the bottom half. Flip it base-upwards.

7. Carefully stick it onto the first plate, rim to rim, positioning it so the chick is peeking out over the zigzag. Let the glue dry.

8. Ask an adult to help you connect the top half of the shell to the first paper plate, using the paper fastener (see picture, left). The shell should now open and close along the zigzag line.

Hatch-y easter!

9. Close the eggshell to hide the chick from view, then give the card to your favourite person. Let them crack it open to get a super-cute Easter surprise.

easter bunny headband

Get the little ones excited for the Easter Egg Hunt by letting them play dress-up, too, with a bunny-shaped headband they can make themselves! 

You will need: 

  • George Shredded Paper in Green, £1
  • George Glitter Carrots, £1 (18-pack; 6p each)
  • George Easter Daisies (in packs of white or colours), £1 (12-pack; 8p each)


  • A3 sheet white card
  • A3 sheet paper (optional)
  • A4 sheet pink card
  • PVA glue
  • Pen
  • Scissors

Design your band

1. Print the template (see below) on the A3 card. Or print on A3 paper and glue to the card.

2. Cut out around the outside of the larger circle, then carefully remove the centre, cutting around the ear shapes.

3. Cut out two smaller ear shapes from the pink card. Stick onto the white shapes to make the inner ears.

4. Stick the shredded paper onto the ring. Glue on the carrots and daisies around the ring. Allow to dry completely.

5. To wear the band, bend the ears up and out so they stand up as you put it on your head.


mini pompoms easter egg card 

These colourful Easter Egg cards couldn't be simpler to make and are perfect to send to the family members and friends you’re missing this Easter.

You will need:

  • George Easter PomPoms, £1
  • George Easter Stickers, £1


  • A4 sheet coloured card
  • Pencil
  • PVA glue


Create your card

1. Fold the card in half. Lightly draw an egg shape on the front.

2. Squeeze a tiny dot of glue onto the card and stick on a pom pom. Repeat until the egg shape is completely covered – make sure the pom poms are close together and all the pencil lines are hidden.

3. Allow to dry, then add the stickers, if using. Your card is now ready to write on.

rainbow birds stick puppets

While away an afternoon with the kids making these simple stick puppets – or keep them occupied whilst you start hiding treats for the Easter egg hunt!

You will need:

  • George Home Bamboo Skewers, £1, (100-pack; 1p each)
  • Asda Primary Paint Pack, £2 (4-pack; 50p each)
  • Asda Foam Sheets, £1 (8-pack; 13p each)
  • Asda Gel Glue Pen, £1, (2-pack; 50p each)
  • Make-Your-Own Easter Nests, £1 (2-pack; 50p each)
  • Foam Mini Easter Eggs, £1 (60-pack; 1.7p each)
  • Asda Wiggly Eyes, £1 (assorted 3-pack; 33p each)


  • Paintbrush
  • PVA glue
  • Polystyrene eggs
  • Saucers, for mixing paint
  • Scissors


Build a bird:

1. Ask an adult to cut the sharp points off the skewers.

2. Brush a coat of PVA glue over the polystyrene eggs and set aside to dry. Clean the brush.

3. Mix the white paint from the pack with dabs of the colours to get pastel shades. Paint each of the eggs and allow to dry.

4. For each bird, cut two little wings, a head-crest and a beak from the craft foam.

5. When the painted eggs are dry, ask an adult to pierce a small, 2cm-deep hole in the bottom of each one. Squirt in a drop of gel glue and push in a blunt skewer.

6. Use dots of gel glue to stick the wings, crest, beak and eyes onto each egg. Leave to dry.

Give it a nest:

1. Take one of the bird puppets you’ve just made and dot glue on the base, near to the skewer.

2. Pierce a small hole through the centre of a nest. Thread it onto the skewer, pressing it in place so it sticks to the glue on the bird.

Mini eggs nest:

1. Pierce a small hole through the centre of a nest you’ve just made. Thread onto a skewer, leaving 1cm at the top.

2. Add a cluster of foam mini eggs, gluing them to the nest and each other. Make sure you use enough to hide the top of the skewer.


Hang these stained-glass-effect eggs near a window and watch them catch the light.

1. Take a few pieces of tissue paper in a selection of colours and cut into small pieces with scissors – a range of different shapes is best.

2. Cut open a plastic folder to give you 2 sheets of plastic. Using a black permanent marker, draw egg shapes on the plastic, then turn it over.

3. Using a brush, fill in one of the egg outlines with PVA glue, then cover it in some of the tissue paper shapes, overlapping the pieces as you stick them down. Make sure to take the tissue to the edge of the outline. Paint another layer of glue over the whole egg shape.

4. Repeat with the other eggs, trying out different patterns of paper.

5. Leave to dry completely. Carefully peel each paper egg away from the plastic. Use scissors to trim round each egg shape to neaten it up.

6. Use a gold pen to draw a thick outline around the edge of each egg. Finish off by threading lengths of gold thread through the top of the eggs for hanging.


An Easter weekend isn’t complete without an egg hunt. Hide wrapped eggs outside or around the house, give everyone a basket, then let them see what they can find. If older kids or adults find the eggs too easily, up the challenge by giving them Easter-themed clues to lead to the hidden treasure – the perfect way to turn a weekend at home into a fun-filled experience.


These sweet chick and bunny finger puppets are fun to make from felt – though a grown-up might have to help with the stitching. 

You will need:
Bunny and chick templates – print onto A4 paper.
15 x 10cm rectangles of yellow and grey felt, plus smaller pieces of pink, white, green and light yellow
Yellow and grey embroidery thread
PVA or fabric glue
Small white pom pom
Googly eyes

1. To make the chick puppet, print and cut out the templates below. Take the yellow felt and fold it in two. Place the template onto the felt and pin in place. Cut out (you can draw round the template first, if you like), along with the four wings and beak.

2. Place two wings on top of the body and stitch in place using a running or cross stitch (alternatively, simply glue them in place). Repeat with the second body piece, making sure you place the wings on the opposite side this time. 

3. Glue the beak onto the reverse of one of the body pieces.

4. Place the two body pieces together, so both the wings are on the outside, and sew around the edge with a running or over stitch. Continue sewing until you’ve gone all round the edge, making sure to leave a gap at the bottom to put your fingers. Glue an eye on each side of the chick’s head.

5. To make the flower decoration, cut a circle of felt about 3cm in diameter. Then cut a spiral into the felt (see picture). Roll up the spiral from the outside end, hold between your fingers and glue the bottom in place. Cut a couple of leaf shapes, place onto your chick head then glue the flower on top. 

6. To make the bunny, repeat the above steps but with the bunny template and felt. Glue two pink ears in place and, when you've stitched around the body, stick a small white pom pom on its bottom. When you reach the base of the ears, stitch across the head (as opposed to around the ears) so the ears can move freely. If you have some pink nail varnish or a pink pen, draw a small nose on the bunny, too. 

bunny treat holder

Turn an empty plastic drinks bottle into a cute bunny container that’s ideal for filling with mini eggs.

1. First, print out the templates onto A4 paper, and cut out with scissors. Wrap the main bunny template around the bottom of an empty, dry 1.5L clear plastic drinks bottle, positioning it so that the front of the rabbit shape aligns with 2 of the ‘feet’ of the bottle. Use sticky tape to join the template at the back.

2. Carefully cut the bottle around the template with sharp scissors. Discard the top part of the bottle.

3. Use a paintbrush to paint the inside of the bunny holder with acrylic paint – it’s best to paint several thin layers, letting them dry in between.

4. Using the other templates, cut a circle of white felt for a tummy and 2 pieces of pink felt for the ears. Use PVA glue to stick these in place on the front of the bunny, then glue a pompom or cotton wool ball to the back for a tail.

5. Glue on 2 googly eyes and add pink nail varnish cheeks and a nose. Finally, dot in eyelashes and whiskers with a black permanent marker.

bottoms up

This cute rabbit pompom disappearing into a 'burrow' is fun to make and will be a cute decoration for your Easter table – simply fill the pots with chocolate treats. 

You will need:
For the flower pot
Coloured paper
Old plastic soup pot or tin can
Double-sided tape

For the bunny bottom
Cardboard (old cereal boxes work well)
Small white pom pom or cotton wool ball
Felt (the same colour as the wool)
PVA glue


1. To cover the pot, cut a piece of paper big enough to cover the sides of the plastic pot. Fix in place using double-sided tape. Cut a second piece of paper large enough to go around the top of the pot, and fold down inside the pot. Fix in place with double-sided tape and fill the pot with scrunched up paper or mini eggs.

2. To make the bunny bottom, use this template to cut two pom pom makers out of card. Place the two pieces of card together so the slits line up. 

3. Start winding the wool around the cardboard circles. Keep winding until the circles are full (the slits in the cardboard should help wind the wool more easily when the makers get full).  

4. Carefully snip the wool around the edge of the cardboard circles – keep cutting until you see the cardboard. 

5. Take 50cm wool and carefully feed it between the two circles of cardboard around the middle. Tie a tight knot and then wind it back on itself and tie a double knot as tightly as possible.

6. Remove the pom pom from the cardboard, trimming if necessary. Glue the small white pom pom or cotton wool ball in place, on one side of the pom pom.

7. Next, make the feet. Use the template to cut two feet from the felt. Add small dabs of glue to create a paw print and cover with glitter. Shake off any excess and leave to dry.  

8. When dry, place the feet either side of the tail and glue. Place the finished bunny on top of the flower pot. 


To create a wonderful centrepiece for your celebrations, let the kids choose their favourite hanging decorations to adorn this pretty tree, then arrange cute chicks and rabbits underneath. Easter tree*, £5; bunny, Easter egg and glitter egg hanging decorations*, £1 each; hopping bunny and chicks*, 47p each; glitter carrots**, £1; character fillable eggs*, 47p each.

Cupcake cards 

Layered paper cake cases create pretty flowers for these fun-to-make cards – just the thing to give to someone special. 

1. To make the flowers, take a selection of coloured paper cupcake cases. Using scissors, cut round a few of them to make them shorter, and cut out petal shapes in a few more.

2. Put a spot of glue in the bottom of a whole cake case, then position a trimmed case inside. Repeat with another trimmed case, if you like. Decorate by drawing dots inside the finished flower with felt tip pens.

3. Repeat to make more flowers, varying the colours of the cupcake cases and the shapes you cut out.

4. Fold a piece of white card in half and lay flat with the crease to the left. Spread glue on the base of each cupcake case flower, position on the front of the card and press down to make sure it sticks. Leave to dry completely.

5. Use felt tip pens to draw stems and leaves onto the card.

crafty choices

From pretty ribbon to fun kits, we have a great range of craft essentials to keep little ones busy. Set up an area in the house with a selection of kits, glue and scissors – and let the kids get creative when they get the urge...
From below left: Foam ribbon*; gingham ribbon* (4-pack); foam shapes* (3-pack); £1 each. Easter pom pom characters kit*, £1 (2-pack).



Easter treats

After all that drawing, folding, cutting and sticking, your little crafters deserve something special to say ‘well done’.

Spring chick

There will be smiles all round when you serve hot chocolate in these fun chick and bunny mugs. Chick mug, £3.

Fun & fluffy

Add marshmallow bites with cheeky faces. Asda Chick Mallows, £2.

Jelly veg

Treasure seekers will love these fruit flavoured, carrot-shaped jellies. Asda Jelly Carrots, 89p.

*Available from 1 April 2019.