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10 last-minute Easter crafts ideas

Adding a bit of holiday cheer to your Easter celebrations can be quick and easy if you know where to look

10 last-minute Easter crafts ideas

Easter is just around the corner but if it seems to have crept up on you this year, then don't fret. You've still got time to decorate your home and keep kids entertained with some cheerful Easter crafts. From adorable bunny puppets to dyed marshmallows, these Easter crafts can be made with just a few everyday objects you have lying around the house. Honest! Even if all you have is some paper, glue and scissors then you can still have some fun with Easter crafts.

Easter crafts are a lovely way to decorate your home and also fun for the whole family to get involved with. Why not set up the children with your Easter guests on Sunday morning after the Easter egg hunt with some of these easy projects? That way you can get on with making the Easter feast while keeping everyone busy and happy. Then when they're finished, you can display their Easter crafts on the lunch table. And if you're really short on time, just remember that some colourful Easter sweets laid out in a pretty bowl or glass jar will always look festive and go down a treat!  


You don't even need the extra bits and bobs to make these bunnies, you could just glue on paper eyes and a nose instead! Learn how to make these adorable paper fan bunnies.  

Grab some branches from the garden and hang whatever colourful eggs and decorations you have from them. Stylish and simple!  Here's how bloggers Lily & Val created their Easter tree

Aren't these bunny finger puppets cute? If you don't have googly eyes at home, just draw them on instead! 

Free printables make these sweet carrot Easter baskets so easy to make. Fill with yummy treats and chocolate goodies!


Mason jar chocolate bunny gifts on the blog today! Super cute Easter idea :) Link in profile^^

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These jars filled with a chocolate bunnies are so sweet – just make sure you don't leave it out in the sun or the inside will melt! 

This edible centrepiece looks impressive but is actually just made from chocolate Easter eggs glued on to a cardboard cone! Find more Easter craft ideas from Bird's Party.

Kids will love these bunny-shaped snack plates! Use them for the kids table on Easter Sunday or throughout the weekend for snacks and treats. 

Run out of eggs? Try dying marshmallows instead! Display them in a pretty bowl and make it your Easter table centrepiece – just try not to gobble them all up before lunch! 

Got any plastic eggs lying around? Thread some string through them to create a beautiful egg garland. Or for an even easier last-minute Easter crafts idea, simply put all your eggs in a clear glass jars. 

These watercolour florals are gorgeous but slightly time consuming to make... instead, swap them for real (or fake) flowers and fill your vase with Easter eggs! 

If you have more time on your hands this weekend and want to keep little ones busy, why not give one of our Easter crafts ideas for tiny hands a go? Stop by your nearest Asda to pick up all your Easter crafts supplies