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12 Of The Best Easter Craft Ideas For Tiny Hands

Keep toddlers entertained with these fun and colourful craft projects

By Alexia Dellner, 24 March 2016
12 Of The Best Easter Craft Ideas For Tiny Hands

Does the idea of crafting with young children fill you with dread? Take a deep breath and keep reading, because it turns out that not all DIY projects require making a special trip to the arts shop and covering the entire kitchen with newspaper. We've found 12 fun and easy Easter crafts that you can do with little ones, mostly with objects you'll already have lying around the house! From using a potato to make Easter stamps to creating bubbles with just baking soda and vinegar, children will love these nifty projects. We've even got a one-ingredient, pull apart bread that children can paint with food colouring and gobble up once they've watched them puff up in the oven.

Doing arts and crafts with young ones is a great bonding experience, plus it keeps them entertained at the same time as teaching them new skills. Or maybe you need to keep those little hands busy while you're in the kitchen preparing lunch for the whole family? Set the children up with one of these fun activities and you can get on with Easter lunch. Just be sure to keep a watchful eye on them – you want that watercolour rainbow to end up on the card, not the sofa! These Easter crafts ideas are so fun and simple and will make wonderful holiday decorations or gifts for friends and family. Have fun!

1. Easter stamps


All you need is a few loo rolls, tape, some paint and a few bits of paper for these adorable Easter stamps. First pinch the loo rolls into the desired shape (one roll can be pinched to make an egg or pinch two for bunny ears). Next tape the loo rolls together, then have your tiny tots dip them into the paint and stamp away for super cute eggs and bunnies. You could even add some stickers and glitter to embellish the cards further. Easy!

2. Simple science



Simple science with kids today, making bubbles on the blog! #science #kids #bubbles #experiments #kidsscience #linkinprofile

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These pretty bubbles look so fun and only require a few ingredients that you probably already have lying around the house! The trick to these funny fizzles is adding white vinegar to baking soda and food colouring and there you have it! Who knew science could be so fun? Get the full instructions from crafts blogger Makeandtakes.

3. Potato stamps


Grown-ups will need to make the actual potato stamps using a sharp knife and a felt tip pen but once that's done then the children are free to get busy stamping! Find out how to make the potato stamps from Mummies Club here.

4. Pin the tail on the rabbit



Pin the tail on the rabbit - easy idea, but quite hard to do

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Not just a fun crafts idea for little ones to enjoy but a game, too! Draw a bunny outline for them, cut out a few squares of white paper and then watch as children try to pin the tail on the bunny. Pink Stripey Socks has lots of cute craft and game ideas for children that will keep them entertained while you're busy making Easter lunch!

5. Painted rainbows


These painted rainbows from blogger Artful Parent are so pretty and surprisingly easy to set up. Children and adults alike will love giving these a go!

6. Bunny handprints


These handprints look cute just as they are, or you can do as clever Kids Activites blogger has done and make them into bunny and chick puppets! Find out how at

7. Rainbow pull apart bread


Can you believe these little bundles of joy only have one ingredient? Not only that, but little ones can gobble them up afterwards (try topping with icing and sprinkles for a tasty treat!). Find out how to make these rainbow pull apart bread rolls at

8. Paper plate owls


Paper plate owl craft for kids! #ontheblog #linkinprofile

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Tiny tots will need some help assembling their owls but will have plenty of fun painting the plates and glueing the feathers on. Learn how to make these brilliant feathered owls.

9. Sun catcher


These tissue paper suncatchers aren't just fun to make but they'll look beautiful hanging in your window. Find out how to make them at

10. Bunny egg holders


Loo rolls certainly do come in handy for Easter crafts! These loo roll egg holders are simple to make and will look so cute on the dining table come Easter morning. You can just as easily make little chicks instead of bunnies, too. Find out how at

11. Paper plate Easter chicks


Children can help tear up tissue paper first and scrunching it up, before painting plates yellow and sticking the paper on. Here's how Clare's Little Tots made these sweet plates. 

12. Hyacinth flowers


i heart crafty things made these adorable purple Hyacinth flowers by dipping the top of an empty water bottle in purple paint, then adding the green stems on after. Easy!