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How to plan your Easter egg hunt in 9 simple steps

Because hard-earned chocolate tastes so much better!

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How to plan your Easter egg hunt in 9 simple steps

Running around the house looking for hidden chocolate is one of the most fun ways to celebrate Easter - whatever age you are. With a little planning, you can create an impressive egg hunt that everyone will enjoy - from the smallest in the family to grandparents visiting for the day. Why not set it up while the Easter roast is cooking, or first thing on Easter Sunday (because when else is it ok for us to scoff chocolate for breakfast?!). 

Follow our steps to help plan an Easter egg hunt to remember...

Factor in the age range

Remember that if you are doing an Easter egg hunt for little children, they aren’t going to be able to reach very high, so everything needs to be at ground level or below knee height. If this hunt is for adults, then the higher the better! 

Everyone grab a buddy

Pair up little children with older ones, especially if there are riddle clues involved.

Where are the boundaries?

Whether inside the house or out in the garden, make sure everyone involved knows the boundaries of the hunt. You don’t want your guests rummaging in the garage if all the eggs are stashed in the flower beds.

Start small

Grade the prizes according to the difficulty of the clues. Little piles of mini eggs are great for those first easy finds. Save some big Easter egg treats for the last, harder-to-reach clues.

Where's the base?

If you are using clues, give everyone an equal number and get them to come back to base once they have found theirs. If you are just going for the easier ‘grab as many eggs as you can’ hunt, tell everyone they must come back to base after they find five eggs. Then, when everyone has five, you can set them loose again to make it fair.

Make yourself a cheat sheet

As you plan the hunt, make yourself a list of everywhere you’ve hidden the eggs. Not only can you then help any children that are struggling, but it means you won’t be finding out-of-date chocolate in the middle of summer!

Protect your valuables

Things can get pretty frantic in the search for chocolate, so avoid hiding eggs and clues in breakables. It just makes sense. 

Perfect your rhyming skills

You don’t have to be the best poet to come up with some cute rhyming clues. Keep it simple with short rhymes (and it doesn’t matter if they only sort-of rhyme!).  For example:

It’s cold outside it must be said,

Clue 6 decided it’d rather be in bed


Muddy and dirty or so it seems,

it must be time to give your clue a clean.

Off to the bathroom you must go,

it’s hiding in amongst the soap.

Make it personal

If you’re writing clues yourself, then make it about your family to really get people involved. Include their names in the clues, things they like to do, their favourite possessions or include stories from your family history.

Happy hunting!

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