Skeleton facepaint

Face paint ideas to up your Halloween game

Simple, yet oh so spooky ways to give your face a scary makeover

Face paint ideas to up your Halloween game

With Halloween just around the corner, you might have started brainstorming some epic costume ideas already. But if you're still looking for inspiration we've got some brilliant face paint creations that will add that little bit extra to your outfit. 

We've made the steps as simple as possible, so all you need are some face paints, a steady hand and a lot of patience.

Mystical Mermaid 

Nod to 2017's biggest trend with this fin-tastic facepaint - singing voice not included.

1. Dampen a make-up sponge and dab a sheer layer of white face paint from the hairline to the tops of the cheeks. 

2. Use a light blue paint to shade over the top, adding colour to the temples, around the eyes and down along the cheekbones.

3. Next, using a small brush, paint a small shell, star or fish onto your magical mermaid's forehead. 

4. Using a navy or black paint and the same brush, draw squiggly scales all around the eyes - add as many as you like for a super scaly effect. 

5. With a clean brush, dot white paint carefully around the inner corners of the eyes. 

6. Create ombre lips by filling them in with blue paint and then adding a silver shimmer to the centre of each lip, blending softly together. 

7. Finally, add some sparkle - using a dry brush, press silver glitter onto the high points of the cheeks, temples and around the eyes.

Skeleton face 

Classic but creepy, this look works with just a plain black tee.

1. Sparingly apply white face paint all over the face with a sponge, leaving circles around the eyes and the tip of the nose free (you will fill this in later). 

2. Lightly blot green face paint on a sponge to the temples, nose, chin and bridge of nose, and where you see fit, this will give your skull an eerie green neon glow. 

3. Fill lips in with a thick layer of white paint.

4. Use a thin brush to carve out and draw individual teeth.

5. On each side of the face, trace a thick black line from your ear along your cheek bone, stopping just above the corner of your mouth.

6. Along this line, draw three large black columns moving down from the line to the jaw line to give your skeleton an exposed jaw look. Repeat the columns on the other side of the face taking care to space them out from one another.

7. Fill in any exposed flesh areas with black face paint; dab into the eye sockets including up to the eyebrows and fill in the unpainted area on the nose section to add the finishing touches to your spooky skull.

8. Finally, outline teeth with black paint for a creepy grin. 


Add the finishing flourish to her circus girl outfit with this cool design.

1. Use a red face paint to fill in the eyelids up to the brows and blend softly. 

2. Using a small brush and a black face paint, paint a line underneath your lower lash lines.

3. Using this line as the base - draw an upside down triangle in the middle of each lower lash line, aligning the point of the triangle with the pupils of the eye. Fill both triangles in. 

4. Next, using the same paint draw along the top lash lines, adding a lash flick to the end – if you’re brave! 

5. Picking up the red facepaint again, fill in the lips, taking them up into two exaggerated points at the bow section.

6. Then with your black paint, draw three stars on either side of the face between the eyes and ears and fill in. 

7. Press sparkly glitter (preferably red) to lips to finish off the look. 

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