The simplest of New Year’s resolutions that won’t give you the guilts

Resolutions that will make you feel good not guilty!

The simplest of New Year’s resolutions that won’t give you the guilts

New Year's resolutions are a great way to kick-start your year ahead. 

However, how many times have you got 10 days into January and already admitted defeat? You're not alone. Just take a look at social media a few days into January every year and you'll see the hashtag #resolutionfail trending.

So, how about this year, you set yourself goals that are actually achievable and - *gasps* - enjoyable?

Here are some alternative new year goals that will put a spring in your step right through January - guaranteed to make you feel good, instead of guilty! 

1. Get reading


Choose five books you really want to read in 2017 - whether they're classics you never got around to reading, or brand new titles by your favourite authors - and always carry a book with you in your bag, so you can dip in and out of it when you get a spare moment. 

There's nothing better than a really good story to take you away from the day to day stresses and fire up your imagination! 

2. Photo session

It's great having all your photos on Instagram to scroll through, but sometimes you just want to go a little old-school and have the actual pictures in front of you. So, why not spend a couple of cosy nights in choosing your favourite photos of last year and then either get them printed out to pop into an album, or upload them to Asda Photo who will create a lovely printed photobook for you? 

3. Hydrate

The NHS Eatwell Guide says we should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day.  If you tend to fall short most days, why not treat yourself to a stylish refillable water bottle that you can fill and keep on your desk to remind you to keep hydrated? 

4. Give more compliments

This one's really easy, but also really rewarding. Saying please and thank you is an instant mood booster for you and the person recieving praise. 

5. Treat yourself

It can be a little thing - like some lovely new bubble bath, or a nice bunch of flowers - or something bigger like a weekend away to look forward to. Either way, this year, make a point of doing something just for yourself at least once a week. 


6. Stay in touch

Whether it's a regular chat on the phone with Mum and Dad, or sending a card to an old friend, make it your mission to reconnect with people you love this year. 

7. Enjoy some great homemade food

Food is meant to be enjoyed, so why not take time to cook some delicious new homemade recipes this year? Make a list of dishes you want to try - we've loads of suggestions here - and get experimenting in the kitchen! 

8. Write 'to do' lists

If you're the type of person who lies awake at night thinking of all the things they have to do, a great habit to get yourself into is writing 'to do' lists. As soon as you've got it down on paper, your head becomes a lot clearer. 

Or, if you tend to be quite disorganised, why not treat yourself to a bullet journal and use it to keep your life on track? They're brilliant for planning out your week, as well as jotting down ideas and thoughts as you go. 

9. Learn something new

Whether it's a new language or just a few new conversation phrases for your next holiday to Spain, learning a new skill can be incredibly rewarding. It can be anything - from how to tile the bathroom to how to change a tyre. Who knows? 2017 might finally be the year you try tightrope walking for the first time. 

10. Be kind to yourself

It sounds simple, but sometimes this can be the hardest challenge of all. This year, instead of beating yourself up about all the things you think you've done wrong, why not celebrate your achievements instead?

Each week, you could resolve to write down five things you've achieved in the last seven days. Then, at the end of the year, you'll be able to look back and feel proud of all you've accomplished.