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European Championship 2016: 8 Alternative Things To Do While The Football’s On

Not a fan? Not a problem!

European Championship 2016: 8 Alternative Things To Do While The Football’s On

While many of us can think of nothing better than turning on the telly for an afternoon of football, watching the beautiful game isn't for everyone. Because the truth is that some of us just can't stand the game or don't quite understand it (does anyone care what offside is anyway?) while others would simply rather be doing something else! The good news is that there's plenty of other activities and events to keep you busy while the footie is on this summer. So if you'd rather not sit indoors this June and July, shouting at the television, then check out our list of 8 alternative things to do instead. Enjoy! 

1. Host an anti-football party

We've given you our tips for hosting a fabulous football party but there's no reason why non-fans shouldn't have some fun, too! Gather friends together who don't want to watch the match, and while everyone else is glued to the television set and munching on crisps, make your own food and go outside to listen to some tunes and relax in the (non-screaming, football-free) atmosphere. 

2. Watch something else

If you're able to get your hands on the TV remote, there's plenty else to watch on TV this summer that isn't football. The new series of laugh-out-loud series, New Girl, on Channel 4 begins in June or why not binge on a box set of that show you've always wanted to watch but never had the time. Game of Thrones marathon, anyone? 

3. Have a games night

Love games, just not football games? Host a fun games night instead! Bring out a bottle of wine or two, some tasty nibbles and have a few laughs with classic games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or cards. 

4. Work up a sweat

Don't let those football players be the only ones getting a workout this summer! Get together with some friends and enjoy a yoga session together, head to the gym, or go for a run in the park. You can even turn your living room into your own gym with these exercises to tone up at home

5. Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to a little pampering while your partner is busy watching the match. There's no need to spend a small fortune by heading to a spa, you can easily give yourself a salon-perfect mani and pedi from the comfort of your own home. Or simply use the football as the perfect excuse to indulge in a relaxing bubble bath. 

6. Head to the cinema

The football is the perfect opportunity to head to the cinema to catch this summer's newest releases. On June 10 (the same day that the football starts), hilarious comedy The Boss is released, as well as the tear-jerker Miracles From Heaven that's based on a true story. And we can't think of a better way to spend the July 1 than sitting down in the cinema to enjoy the release of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. 

7. Read a book

While everyone else in your house is distracted by the match, curl up in the bedroom with a good book. Get inspired with our ultimate summer reading list - from thrillers to recipe books, there's something for everyone. 

8. Re-organise your closet

Arguably tidying up is not the most fun way to spend your evening, but you'll feel so great once it's done! And with clever tips on how to fold a t-shirt in just two seconds plus how to declutter like organisational guru Marie Kondo, you can have a tidy closet in no time. 

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