Everything you need to take on a day trip with your toddler

From nappies to snacks and a change of clothes

Everything you need to take on a day trip with your toddler

A day trip out with family and friends can be a lovely thing to do, BUT only if you're properly prepared and have everything you need.

From hungry toddlers, to unfortunate nappy situations, you don't want to be caught out.

So pack your bag well in advance using our check list, and you can head out feeling relaxed! (If there is such a thing as being totally relaxed when out with toddlers...)

1. The nappy changing operation

Only you know how many nappies your toddler gets through in a day, so be sure to take a few more than that number. You never know, if you're out with fellow parents, your spare nappies could be another parent's saviour. Stock up on our new Comfort & Protect nappies online or in store. This new range (in sizes 3-6) comes with all the quality you've come to expect from our nappies, but now at a new lower price. They have a secure flexi waist with extra elastic at the back for improved fit, and super-soft leg cuffs for comfy protection from leaks. 

Plus don't forget the rest of the nappy changing checklist: wipes, a changing mat, spare change of baby clothes, nappy bags and extra plastic bags for anything else that may need discarding or popping away out of sight! 

And don't forget the hand gel; you never know where you might have to change a nappy where there may not be sinks and soap.


2. Snacks

Snacks are a must when you're out with the kids. They're sure to get hungry and grumpy at some point.

Asda Little Angels have a great range of transportable snacks from banana flavoured biscotti, to cheese and herb flavoured bear puffs and strawberry oaty bars. Bananas or chopped up apples will always go down well, too.



3. The aftermath of snacking

We all know that kids and snacking isn't a mess-free affair. 

You'll definitely need to pack a couple of bibs, like this roll up travel bib and a sippy cup that's not going to spill all over everything and everyone. We also love this out and about suction bowl which comes with a spoon so you know you have kid-friendly cutlery.

And one thing that you definitely need to remember: the humble, multi-purpose muslin cloth for mopping up spills, dribble and being a general life saver.

4. Be one step ahead of the British weather

If you're out and about in the UK, chances are you'll be faced with a wild mix of sunshine, rain and everything inbetween. But you'll be one step ahead of the weather, won't you.

Make sure you pack a miniature bottle of baby sunscreen and a hat, like this cute Peppa pig reversible number for the more balmy days.

Then when the clouds descend be sure to have an extra blanket and another layer. We love this cute pink hoodie and this paw patrol jacket for your little ones.


Pack it all away in this tote changing bag, which comes with a travel mat, pockets for bottles and secure zips. Happy travelling!

Check out our range of George toddler clothes online or in store, as well as everything you'll need for a great day out with the kids at your local Asda store