9 festival hacks to make your Glastonbury experience more fun

Read these clever tips before you go

9 festival hacks to make your Glastonbury experience more fun

You bought your ticket way back in October, you've spent weeks saving up your spending money, and time-tabling your schedule to make sure you get to see all of your favourite artists perform live. Now that Glastonbury is just around the corner, make sure to get the most out of your weekend of fun with these clever festival tips.

Because, while there are certain festival aspects that you can't control (like the rain!), there are plenty of others that could make or break your weekend. From what to pack to how to find your tent after a day of partying, these Glasto festival tips are essential reading for any festival goer.

These genius hacks will help you skip the gigantic lines, stay dry and keep your belongings safe. Not to mention, avoid festival upsets like being sunburnt or finding yourself in the loos without any toilet paper! Discover our nine genius festival tips for tackling Glastonbury like a pro below...

1. Buy a portable phone charger.

Your phone WILL run out of battery and all of the charging stations are bound to be overcrowded. 

2. Keep a stash of tissues with you at all times.

Great for wiping dirty hands; amazing for when the loos have run out of toilet paper. 

3. Bring a bum bag.

Not only are bum bags one of the best ways to keep your wallet and phone safe and accessible, but they're also back in fashion! Grab yourself a trendy, festival-ready bumbag here.

4. Stock up on snacks.

You’ll want to keep your energy levels up between all that dancing and wandering. The long lines for food could cause you to miss a performance, plus festival prices tend to be super expensive. 

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5. Arrange a meet-up spot.

Chances are at some point you will get separated from your mates or your phone battery will die, so designate an easy-to-get-to landmark or festival area as your group meet-up spot.

6. A giant pack of baby wipes will be your best friend.

Use them for everything. Just don't forget to create a makeshift bin when you arrive so you can ensure you leave the site tidy and eco-friendly when it's time to ship out.

7. Make a flag for your tent.

That way when you’re stumbling back ‘home,’ you’ll be able to spot your tent quickly and easily from the crowd. Not so crafty? Even an Asda Bag for Life tied to a stick will do the trick!

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8. Bring extra socks.

And pants. Oh and a rain jacket. Trust us, you’ll want something clean and dry to wear on the trip home. 

9. Don’t forget the SPF!

You’re going to be outside all day and it’s easy to get sunburnt when you’re busy having fun - especially with the gorgeous weather forecast on the cards!

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