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How To Throw The Best Party For The Footie - Ever!

Have a ball this summer!

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How To Throw The Best Party For The Footie - Ever!

Get ready for football fever to take over as the European Championship starts on Friday 10th June. For those who need a little sports refresher, this is the month-long football tournament (held in France this year) and will determine the champion of European football. It's the ultimate summer celebration – after all, it only comes once every four years. So what better excuse to gather friends and family round than to celebrate the Glorious Game with a football party? We've got all the tips and tricks you need to throw a fabulous footie fest. 

From the best barbecue recipes and thirst-quenching drinks to fun family games and easy hosting tips, make your football party the event of the summer. No matter who you're supporting (Spain are two-time defending champions, but Germany, France and England are tipped to go the distance), you can enjoy watching the best European teams battle it out for the prized European Championship cup. And even if you're not a footie fan, you can still throw an amazing football party and enjoy having friends round for a day of eating, drinking and relaxing! Read on for our best football party tips...  

Stock up on beer

Who doesn't love a good pint? Before guests come over, make sure you have a range of beers available and that they're easily accessible (think stocked fridge or a filled cooler outside). That way guests can help themselves, sit back, crack open a cold one (here are some genius tips for keeping beer chilled) and enjoy. Cheers! 

Tiki-taka, tiki-snacka! 

All that beer is going to make guests crave some delicious grub – preferably something salty and easy-to-eat! But there's no need to slave away over a hot stove all day. Stock up on plenty of no-prep snacks like crisps, peanuts and ready-made popcorn. Snacks to munch on while the match is on needn't be fancy – even a couple of pizzas fresh out of the oven will be a football party smash hit. Or why not whip up some easy-to-make snacks like crispy cauliflower and parmesan bites or cheesy chipotle skins

Get the grill going

There's no better time to barbecue than when you've got friends coming round and the sun is (hopefully) shining. Guests will appreciate some proper food during half-time or wait until the match is over and let people gather round the grill to discuss the result! Discover how to throw the best BBQ party ever here, plus all the delicious barbecue recipes guests will love including a super authentic American recipe for grilled chicken on the bone. Yum! 

Brilliant beverages

You've got the beer sorted but make sure to cater to every taste with plenty of non-alcoholic and mocktail options, too. Kids and adults alike will love this refreshing raspberry and mint punch recipe while this zesty mock-jito is a real thirst-quencher. And for non-beer drinkers, keep the party atmosphere going with a colourful bowl of rum punch. Just remember to stock up on ice

Don't forget the other rooms in the house

Obviously, the TV room is going to be pretty full but don't forget about other rooms in the house that will be seeing an increase in traffic during party time. Clear out some space in the hall to hang jackets and bags or make some room in the bedroom. And remember to keep bathrooms stocked with plenty of toilet paper and soap. A few cans of air fresheners strategically placed by the sink is also a good idea. 

Decorations and Games

Get into the footie spirit with some fun football party decorations and games. Bunting, streamers and decorated plates all say summer fun while some outdoor games are great entertainment for little ones and non-footie fans. Kids will love getting into the spirit of things with a jumbo football set, which can also give grown-ups something to do during those advert breaks. 

Sufficient seating

Chances are that not everyone will fit on the living room sofa. Invest in a few folding chairs to make sure that everyone has somewhere to sit or place a few comfy cushions on the floor for a relaxed, cosy vibe. 

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