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5 Activities Kids Will Love This Summer

Never hear those dreaded words 'I'm bored!' again!

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5 Activities Kids Will Love This Summer

After being stuck in school all year, it’s finally time for kids to let loose and enjoy the warmer months. Summers are made for playing outside, enjoying nature and eating the season's fresh produce (but don't forget about the ice cream!). Whether you're heading to the countryside, the beach or staying at home, there are plenty of fun activities for kids to try this summer.

There are plenty of wide open camping sites across the UK that really allow families to disconnect from the stresses of daily life

The idea of entertaining little ones for six weeks can seem daunting but with a little bit of preparation and some clever ideas up your sleeve, you can make sure that your kids have the best summer ever. Whether you draw inspiration from our ultimate summer bucket list for kids or these super fun activities below, you'll never have to hear those dreaded words 'I'm bored!' with these creative ideas for things to do with kids this summer. From exploring the great outdoors to hosting your own Olympics, these five activities will ensure that children don't just create wonderful summer memories but also learn something in the process! Discover five fun activities for kids this summer...

Go wild camping

Being in nature is such a wonderful way for children to enjoy summer. Little ones will love toasting marshmallows, sleeping underneath the stars and playing fun camping games. There are plenty of unique ways to camp (how does spending the night in a floating tree house sound?), but perhaps one of the most striking is spending time in the wild. There are plenty of wide open camping sites across the UK that really allow families to disconnect from the stresses of daily life, and instead connect with nature and each other. From mountains to forests to fields, enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature this summer with a wild camping trip. To help you prepare for your getaway, check out these 10 genius camping hacks that everyone should know

Make ice cream

Is there anything more summery than sitting outside in the sun with a melting ice cream cone? Teach kids how to have fun in the kitchen by letting them help make ice cream. There are plenty of ice cream recipes that don’t require an ice cream machine, like our easy banana ice cream and this easy vanilla ice cream recipe. Summer berry ice cream sundae, anyone? For an extra decadent treat, wedge silky ice cream between two chewy biscuits - ice cream sandwiches are so in this summer. 

Have a movie night

Family movie nights are fun all-year-round but for a summery twist, host a cinema night for children and their friends outside! You'll need a large white cloth (a bedsheet works great), a projector and a speaker to connect to your computer, and of course - a movie! For even more fun, let kids spend the day preparing for the cinema night by making tickets, popping popcorn and setting up blankets and pillows outside. Then when the sun sets, the magic begins! 

Host your own Olympics

Get little ones moving with their very own Olympic Games. You can divide family members into teams or compete individually, and decide on a prize (maybe one of the ice cream treats from above?) for the winner. Mix traditional Olympic events, like running and long jump, with funny events like an egg and spoon race, skipping stones in the park, and hula hooping competitions. You could even have teams pick their own mascots from their collection of stuffed animals and host an opening ceremony with music, marching and handmade flags. Kids will get active, while learning about team work and how to be a gracious winner (or loser!). 

Go on a scavenger hunt

Make a list of items around the house, garden or neighbourhood (just make sure to set clear parameters), give kids a clipboard, a pen and a box to collect items in and off they go! The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they can easily be tailored to different ages and different locations. For example, if you're heading to the park for the day, you can include different types of plants and other items that will be around like pine cones, coloured stones, insects, flowers - the list is endless! For older children, make the list a little harder by giving them tasks instead of items to collect (such as, 'pose next to a statue' or 'find a white dog'), and then give them a camera or phone so they can record the evidence. Fun for all ages!

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