Golden retriever holding newspaper on front doorstep

Unmissable animal news from around the Internet

It would be a CATastrophe to miss this lot..

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Unmissable animal news from around the Internet

Welcome to Pets Corner, where we scour the Internet for the funniest animal pictures and stories to bring straight to your computer screen. Whether it's a dog who loves a hug, a baby alpaca getting stuck in a rut or even a panther who just wants to play, we've got the lowdown on the best pet news every week.

Today, it's all about what our furry friends can teach us. From a cheeky cat who was caught snooping on his owner's laptop, to an outstanding owl saying thank you to her rescuer, the furry friends in our lives can teach us a lot about what to do (and what not to).

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

If you think you know what dedication looks like, think again. This adorable German Shepherd puppy from Florida won’t give up trying to deliver the newspaper to his owner, even though it’s the size of his entire body.

When he eventually does get the hang of it, he can’t hide just how pleased he is with himself as he saunters up to his front door – and can you blame him?

Respect privacy or you might get burned

If you're going to snoop while your other half is out of the room, this cat is here to learn a lesson for you: hackers always get caught.

Posted by the cat’s owner while he was away at work, the cheeky kitty got caught in the act when a security feature set up to stop intruders accessing the laptop sent a picture of the unsuspecting feline directly to his owner’s phone.

A lesson well learned, don't you think?

Source: imgur

Always say thank you

Meet GiGi, a great horned owl that was taken in by Wild at Heart Rescue in Vancleave, Mississippi, after suffering a massive head trauma from an unknown accident.

Naturally, you might expect GiGi to be more than unhappy after her recent experience. However, amazingly GiGi actually appreciated her human helpers so much that she decided to say thank you to them in the only way she could: by giving the president of the rescue centre, Doug Pojeky, a hug to say thank you.

Pojeky had just returned from a vacation when he went to check on GiGi and was completely surprised by the affection the bird showed. At first, GiGi was just perching on his arm but once she started to lean on him, it wasn't long before he figured out what she was doing. As he told Buzzfeed, “I thought she would move once I stood up, but I think she liked it ‘cause she stayed there.”

Source: Wild at Heart Rescue

Appearances can be deceiving

While cats are natural predators of smaller rodents, this relaxed feline didn't seem to feel like living up to stereotypes. 

Reddit user _GoldGuy_ shared these snaps of his cat making a new acquaintance in his garden – with a chipmunk. While the little chipmunk was initially scared of the bigger animal, it wasn't long before they were firm friends and even sharing a little cuddle in the sunshine.

Source: Reddit

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