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18 Hilarious text messages only a mum would send

Because mums and smart phones are the best

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18 Hilarious text messages only a mum would send

Hands up who's mum actually understands the definition of LOL and has used it correctly in a text message? You at the back? No, we thought not. It is a given that everyone has a funny mum text story. Whether it be the time autocorrect played a cruel trick on her seemingly innocent message, or that time they text you the letter 'Q' with no explanation, or how about when they sent that message that was about you, but not meant for you. Mums and technology – there can be nothing better. 

Here are some of the best mum text mistakes to give you a chuckle... 

The 'Siri is messing with my emotions' text



The 'warning' text



The 'what are you on about?' text


The 'I completely understand pop culture' text



The 'daily dinner confusion' text



The 'you do control Google, don't you?' text

The 'help I'm being hacked' text




The 'my mum is awesome' text

The 'where is the space bar on this thing?' text

The 'forget I said anything' text



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