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Catch Up With Game Of Thrones Before Tonight’s Season 6 Premiere

Because winter is finally over!

Catch Up With Game Of Thrones Before Tonight’s Season 6 Premiere

With so many plot twists and difficult-to-pronounce character names, keeping track of what's happening in Game of Thrones is hard enough to do while you're watching it, let alone a whole year later! But with the premiere of series 6 hitting television screens tonight, it's time for a Game of Thrones catch up. From where the surviving members of the Stark family are now to what happened to the Queen of Dragons, here's what you need to know about what's going on in the seven kingdoms...

Queen Margaery is arrested

After providing her brother Loras with a false testimony, Margaery Tyrell is arrested by the High Sparrow. King Tommen is confused at first, but then begins a hunger strike in an attempt to release his wife. Rumour has it that she'll be released this series, but for now Margaery is awaiting trial. 

Sansa escapes Winterfell

Poor Sansa! Things just seem to get worse and worse for her, don't they? But happily in series 5, Sansa manages to escape Winterfell and the clutches of evil husband Ramsey, thanks to the help of Theon ('Reek'). No ideas on where she'll end up, but we're betting that Ramsey won't let her slip away so easily...

Daenerys gets taken

After the Sons of the Harpy try to ambush her, Daenerys manages to fly away on one of her dragons. They land safely, until a group of Dothraki turn up and take her away. But Daenerys cleverly drops her ring in the grass for handsome Daario to find her. But will he? 

Tyrion and Varys join forces

In series 5, Tyrion was part of Daenerys' counsel and later even took charge of the city Meereen. The last episode of series 5 sees the Master of Whisperers Varys join him. What in the seven kingdoms will these two do together? 

Arya is blind

Arya lost her sight in series 5 as punishment in the House of Black and White for killing someone who wasn’t hers to kill. It looked like she was going to be murdered but in a surprise twist it was Jaqen instead who lost his life... or so it seemed! 

Jon Snow is dead

.... or is he? Betrayed and stabbed by his own men in the Night’s Watch, it’s hard to believe that everyone’s favourite character is dead. Which is why we don’t really think that he is! Here's hoping they'll be lots more of Jon Snow in season 6...

We can't wait for the new season of Game of Thrones tonight! Here's the trailer for season 6 to get you in the mood and don't forget to tune into Sky Atlantic tonight to see the season premiere. If you're playing catch up, then snap up Game Of Thrones at Asda here.