Quiz: Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to?

Winter is coming but where do your loyalties lie? Take this brilliant quiz to find out!

Quiz: Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to?

Attention all Game of Thrones fans! The bad news is that you'll have to wait until summer 2017 for the next series of the smash hit show but the good news is that you can still get your Westeros fix by catching up on all the nail-biting action from series 6 (buy the complete series here from 14 November) and taking this fun Game of Thrones quiz below to find out which house from the Seven Kingdoms you belong to. 

Perhaps you're cunning like Tyrion Lannister? Or fearless like the Mother of Dragons?

There certainly are plenty of colourful characters in the Game of Thrones universe with a range of motives, backgrounds and ages, from Melisandre, the hundreds-of-years-old Red Woman who answers to the Lord of Light, to brave young Arya Stark seeking revenge for her family. But perhaps you're more like cunning like the Lannister family? Or fearless like the Mother of Dragons?

While we can't tell you who will end up on the Iron Throne or how to keep the White Walkers away from Westeros, we CAN tell you which house you belong to, with the help of this brilliant Game of Thrones quiz.

Don't worry - only awesome characters are available (because nobody wants to be Ramsey Bolton!).


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