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Giovanna Fletcher talks body confidence in her latest column for Asda Good Living

Wobbly bits are OK!

Giovanna Fletcher talks body confidence in her latest column for Asda Good Living

Giovanna Fletcher is our new columnist. Author and vlogger (, she’s married to Tom Fletcher of McFly and mum to sons Buzz, two, and Buddy, four months. This month, Giovanna talks body confidence and feeling upbeat about her wobbly bits! Springing back to a pre-baby body doesn’t happen overnight – and that’s OK, says the mum of two...

Eleven weeks after giving birth, I went on my first sunny holiday. I’d spent so much time organising my little boys’ endless list of necessities that my attention only turned to my own summer wardrobe at the last minute. Nothing fitted me or was comfortable to breastfeed in. It was either too tight or I had to take it off completely before each feed. But it was the weight thing that really got to me. After giving birth, I’d cut out all the bad food I’d been eating (no sugar/dairy/gluten for a month), managing to lose another three-quarters of a stone as well as the pregnancy weight I’d gained. I was starting to feel good about myself before I dusted off my summer wardrobe. I frantically tried things on, cried and then stepped away from my mirror feeling a complete failure. 

Just two months before that pitiful moment, I’d been overwhelmed with appreciation for my body and the monumental thing it had done in giving me two gorgeous boys. However, those feelings slowly ebbed away when I found myself surrounded by bikinis I thought I’d never get into again and summer clothes that had to be packed away in the loft for another year. I was back to self-doubt and self-loathing. What a plonker!

A few months ago, I spoke on my blog about women appreciating their bodies after childbirth, and it had moved a lot of mums online who felt under pressure to spring back into shape. But the way I’m feeling proves I’m going to go through a range of emotions about my appearance over the coming years – and that’s fine. It’s difficult to feel relentlessly positive, especially with hormones going berserk.

Thankfully, I had a wonderful holiday in the sunshine regardless and am back to feeling upbeat about my wobbly bits again!