Great British Bake Off judges and presenters

Bake Off’s back! Here’s why we love it so much

We’re SO excited that GBBO is back for another series. But let’s relive the funniest moments from previous years first…

By Asda Good Living, 19 August 2016
Bake Off’s back! Here’s why we love it so much

There’s just something about The Great British Bake Off isn’t there? It manages to be heart-warming, hilarious, inspiring and oh-so British. Last year’s final, in which Nadiya Hussain was crowned winner, pulled in over 13 million viewers, making it officially the biggest show on TV – not bad for a simple little cooking programme featuring ordinary people who happen to be very talented (well, most of them…).

We can’t wait to see what this year’s show has in store (which airs on Wednesday 24 August) – there is sure to be laughter, tears and some seriously spectacular showstoppers – but first let’s remind ourselves why we love it so much.

The Baked Alaska incident

Well, it seems very funny indeed now, but at the time, Iain Watters’s tantrum (dubbed #bingate), in which he chucked the Baked Alaska he’d slaved over straight in the bin, was deadly serious. To him, at least. The rest of us couldn’t contain our giggles. It was a shame, really, as there are far more attractive ways to display a cake...

Soggy bottoms, obvs

Bake Off is famously full of innuendo, but “soggy bottoms” takes the biscuit. It’s the most famous phrase to emerge from the show and one that judges Paul and Mary and presenters Mel and Sue delight in every time.

The three second rule?

Imagine serving Mary Berry up some baked delights that had been on the grubby floor – well, you just wouldn’t dare would you? After Paul Hollywood encouraged the contestants to get very hands-on with their dough, it’s fair to say that some contestants went a bit too far…

“Frankenstein’s Buns”.

Iced buns sound like a relatively simple task compared to some of the Bake Off challenges… but not for poor Mary Ann.  Sue Perkins christened them “Frankenstein’s Buns” and we can see why.

Mary breaks the first rule of baking

That rule being “it might be a good idea to switch the oven on”. Poor, poor Mary….

We’re impressed they lasted this long…

Mel and Sue are up there with the best things about Bake Off, and we don’t half admire their restraint when it comes to tucking into the treats they’re surrounded by. There was the chocolate mousse incident though… we bet it was totally worth it.

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