Mel and Sue from the Great British Bake Off

10 times Mel and Sue delivered the best Bake Off one-liners ever

'Egg-sellent' jokes and hilarious 'buns'!

10 times Mel and Sue delivered the best Bake Off one-liners ever

It's practically impossible to decide what we love most about The Great British Bake Off. Is it Paul Hollywood's cheeky smile and his way with bread, or Mary Berry's sweet-natured critiques? Or perhaps it's all those soggy bottoms and just the Britishness of it all? Oh, who are we kidding - we love it all! And one of the clear highlights of everyone's favourite baking programme is dynamic duo, presenters Mel and Sue. We can't get enough of these two, and with their encouraging words, cheeky one-liners and hilarious innuendos, it's not hard to see why. 

Mel and Sue truly are the queens of banter, and are constantly making us laugh with their silly, and sometimes outrageous, comments. Plus, did you know that they actually got Mary Berry the job? It's true (psst... find out more surprising facts about Bake Off here)! They truly are the icing on the cake (sorry...)! Check out 10 of their most hilarious moments below...

Mel’s super sweet attempts to turn a baking disaster into a baking triumph

When one contestant’s rhubarb pudding doesn’t fully come out of its tin, Mel simply re-invents the dish into a ‘rustic rhubarb roulade.’ And we actually quite like the sound of a 'chocolate ciabatta,' don’t you? 

When Sue joked about BBC’s budget cuts

And don’t you just love watching Mel and Sue fight over chocolate mousse? Luckily, Mel’s got her ‘netball moves’ to help her nab a spatula worth of tasty chocolate cream! 

Three simple words never sounded so funny…

We’re partial to the Spanish version but they’re all brilliant!

When Mel and Sue’s bread puns for bread week were just too good

They really are ‘on a roll!’

Mel helps a contestant with her strudel dough

‘Grab and twist, mate. Then slap and toss.’ Good advice, Mel! Except that part about the tossing...

When Mary Berry got a bit TOO excited…

Must be all that Battenberg cake!

When Sue got a new face

Who knew that baklava pastry doubles as a face mask? ‘Do you know how much I want to pop this on my face right now? I am. I’m not going to. I’m not going to…’ And happily, she does! 

When Mel got confused about what programme she was on

Bake Off or Bergerac? It’s hard to tell!

When we found out that Mel and Sue leave each other voicemail messages

Mel: ‘Right, So I’ve got Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, Kate Middleton, Kate Bush and also Kate Garraway…’
Sue: ‘Can I just stop you there. Did you mishear my voicemail message? I said it’s CAKE week, not KATE week…’

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