Pet’s Corner: How ‘Britain’s Loneliest Dog’ Became A Hollywood Star

Plus hilarious photos of matching animals in this week's furry friends round-up

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Pet’s Corner: How ‘Britain’s Loneliest Dog’ Became A Hollywood Star

Need a pick-me-up? We’ve got just the thing. In this week’s Pet Corner, we’re bringing you two stories of adorable furry friends, guaranteed to make your day.

First up, one British photographer shows how different animals can look delightfully similar! See the brilliant photos of the matching animals with co-ordinated fur below. Next, the story of how Britain’s loneliest dog became a Hollywood star. Oh we do love a happy ending, don’t you?

Pet Brothers From Another Mother

Professional animal photo agency Warren Photographic know a thing or two about taking pictures of pets. We can only imagine the cuteness (and mayhem!) that they’ve seen in their studio. But these shots of different animals with matching fur has to be one of the sweetest yet...


Ginger female kitten Sabrina scent-rubbing against a young sandy lop rabbit

A photo posted by @warrenphotographic on

The photographs show different animals from rabbits and ducks to dogs and kittens, sitting together side-by-side with their matching coats. 


Cute sandy bunny and cute bantam chick

A photo posted by @warrenphotographic on

These furry pets are so similar, you’ll have to look twice to figure out who’s who! 


White German Shepherd Dog, Bronya, 5 years old, and Blue point Siamese cat, Jacob, 9 years old

A photo posted by @warrenphotographic on

Britain’s Loneliest Dog No More

As a six-month old stray, Freya, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, was taken in at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool. Despite her sweet nature and happy demeanor, over 18,000 potential owners passed her by and she spent six years in kennels.

But when The Mirror website wrote a story about Freya’s struggle, calling her ‘Britain’s loneliest dog,’ her plight captured the hearts of the nation - and beyond! After reading the touching tale, American filmmaker Michael Bay took pity on Freya and decided to put her in his new movie. 

Fast forward to now and Freya is starring in the latest Transformers flick with none other than Sir Antony Hopkins! And not only that, but Freya has found a forever family, a couple from Manchester who fell in love with Freya and agreed to give her a home.

Now that’s a happy ending! 

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