Here’s to me-time! An ultimate guide to self-care for busy parents

The kids may be out for the holidays, but make sure you out time aside for a little pampering, too

Here’s to me-time! An ultimate guide to self-care for busy parents

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to set some time aside to indulge in a little self-care. As lovely as it is to be at home with your little (or big) ones, you'll still want to seize the chance to take some me-time when possible!

Here's how...

Bathtime break

You might not be able to recall when you last had time to run a bath, but if you have a spare 30 minutes to yourself, it’s a great way to relax. In fact, a recent study conducted in Japan* found that taking regular baths can help to reduce stress and fatigue. Sprinkle in nspa Sacred Spa Indulgent Bath Salts with Rose Petals to add a soothing fragrance, then sink in.

Book club

Got half an hour to spare? Grab the chance to escape into that book you’ve been meaning to read. If you’re after something that will make you snort with laughter, try mum blogger Gill Sims’ latest novel Why Mummy Doesn’t Give A ****, which details the trials and tribulations of raising teens.

Face time

You might not be able to pop to the spa or have a masseuse set up their table in your living room, but there are still ways you can do a spot of pampering at home. Treat yourself to a revitalising face mask such as the nspa Nourishing & Moisturising Mask Sweet Almond & Shea Butter – simply smooth it on, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse off to reveal soft, supple skin.

Big night in

The kids are busy doing homework – or, let's be honest, playing computer games – which gives you a glorious couple of hours to reclaim the house (and the TV). Get your PJs on, dig out your favourite film and treat yourself to a couple of slices of pizza. Takeaway, anyone?

Walk this way

Popping out with the dog or taking a scenic route to the shops is a great way to get some peace in the fresh air. Simply relax by listening out for the sounds of nature, or grab your headphones and listen to a podcast for 30 minutes. For honest parenting tips from brilliant mum bloggers, download the Nappy Natters podcast from iTunes or Acast.

Who you gonna call?

Got 15 minutes without the kids? Why not pick up the phone and call a friend for a catch-up? Let’s face it, it’s nice to talk to an adult for a change – and maybe vent about your child’s refusal to put down their iPad and go to bed on time.

Get your 'om on

Meditation has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety levels† and is great for restoring calm to your day. So, whether you have two minutes or 25 to yourself, grab the chance to take a quiet moment to relax. Download the Headspace app†† for free, easy-to-follow meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga pants not required.

Planning a pampering session of your own? Find everything you need online, or pop into your local store.

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