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Hilarious tales of school trips gone wrong

“I was sick nine times on a coach”

Hilarious tales of school trips gone wrong

When it comes to taking a trip down memory lane, it seems school trip disasters are the richest of seams for hilarious anecdotes, as one writer recently found out.

Faced with the prospect of a quiet night in on Friday, columnist Rhodri Marsden took to Twitter asking friends and followers to share stories of their worst school trip memories.

Cue a weekend full of brilliant retellings flooding Twitter. School coach sickness, missing students, teacher mishaps and more all came out in the social media flurry.

Ready for a giggle? We’ve rounded up a few of the funniest, most awkward and downright unbelievable school trip stories below.

You’ll struggle not to laugh out loud.

Naturally, there were a fair few vomit stories being shared. Kids, packed lunches and coach trips - how could there not be?





Lots of people remembered that one student (or minder) who ended up missing... 





But the funniest tales of all, were full of pure randomness...












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